5 Super Easy Self Care Practices to Brighten Your Day

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self care practice

Creating your own self care practice is not as hard as it might seem.

Self-care seems complicated, especially when it comes to finding ways to insert positivity into day which isn’t going as well as you’d like. With a little attention though, you can turn even the most unpleasant day into something better through these simple acts of self-care.

I’m sure once you get started, you will find even more ways to practice self care each day!! This is merely a jumping off point!!

Take Note of Every Success

Life is hard, so whenever things go right, you want to pay attention. With every accomplishment or success, celebrate. It doesn’t matter how small the reward is. The point here is to take note of the accomplishment and to remind yourself you did a good thing.

We have a habit of focusing on the negative, so take time to recognize and acknowledge all that you have accomplished each day!! It can become part of your daily practice in your journal. Make a list at the end of the day of ALL that you did accomplish, not just a list of what you need to do tomorrow!! You will find that the list is LONGER than you imagine!!

Shut Down

How can you possibly experience self-care when you are distracted? By setting aside the electronics and giving yourself room to pay attention to what you’re doing, you will reap more benefit from your self-care routine. You can post about it on social media later.

Shut it all down!! Listen to the quietness.

Upgrade Your Atmosphere

We all love when we are in pleasant surroundings. Too often though, we discount our ability to change things. We don’t have the money for a full remodel, or to create the perfect space, and so we close our eyes and try to ignore how the room makes us feel. By releasing the mindset you have to change everything at once, you can start to create the perfect space in small ways through adding items you love from thrift stores or other sources, or treating your space to a new coat of paint. Over time, you will create the perfect room.

Even printing pictures these days is pretty affordable. Find a few you love and print some posters.

Treat Yourself Like a Child

When you were a child, you loved many things. There were certain toys you couldn’t wait to play with, or specific activities in which you loved to indulge. Revisit those now by adding play time to your self-care practice. Get some crayons or finger paints. Go on a long bike ride. Enjoy a board game with some friends. You’ll be surprised how enjoyable this form of self-care is.

What are the things you loved to do as a child? Can you incorporate any of them into your self care practice??

Create a Care Package

Sometimes it helps to create a basketful of self-care items which you love. Put your favorite lotions or bubble bath in a special place. Add to it a new book, some candy, or whatever else helps give you a pick-me-up when you need one. Now set this basket aside and use it as a special reward anytime you’re having a rough day.

While not every day is going to be perfect, being able to act on these tips can certainly help. The key is to pay attention to your mood, and when you feel things falling, to act immediately. Mindfulness and self-care truly are the keys to making any day better.

You have power to change how you are feeling with your own self care practice.

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5 Super Easy Self Care Practices to Brighten Your Day 1

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