Launching Your Dreams E-Book, Toolbox & Interviews

Launching Your Dreams E-Book, Toolbox & Interviews 1

Do YOU have a dream that you haven’t been able to bring into your reality (yet)?

How do you create a dream? 

Can we create the life we want? 

Can we take a vision or a dream and make it happen?  Definitely. 

Launching Your Dreams E-Book, Toolbox & Interviews 2It is what is done in large corporations all the time.  It is the clarity of vision and of purpose that provides a clear path or direction for the people within an organization.  As individuals, we too, have vision and can develop a plan for making it happen.  Setting a step by step plan has a better chance at success than does just having a passing or recurring day dream.  For me, cycling cross country happened because I made it happen. 

I took it step by step.  Ask yourself, what are the pieces that make this dream happen?  What do I need to put in place to create it? 

Take it one step at a time. In the book you will learn how to crystalize your vision and then how to create the strategies to make it happen.

First, write your dream or vision down.  Write in great detail, as if it is happening right now or picture yourself in the vision.  How does it feel, how does it smell?  What are the sounds you hear?  What do you see?  What are you doing?  How has it changed your life?  Write the details including all the feelings that being in your vision creates.

Step 2:  What are the resources that you already have that can help make the vision a reality?  Money, materials,supplies, time, property, frequent flier miles, friends, colleagues, and/or acquaintances?  List them all.

Step 3: What resources or supports do you need to achieve your vision/dream/goal?  List everything that could help you in succeeding.  This is not the place to write in winning the lottery.  Each item needs to be realistic.  Things that seem out of reach are okay because these are often reachable, with determination and a plan.

Step 4: What steps do you need to take to achieve your vision/dream/goal?  What are the steps?  Break the vision down into the steps that need to happen.  These often have a chronological order, but also may have steps that have to keep happening over and over.  The steps can become the smaller goals you work towards so make them small and easy to achieve.

Step 5:  When will you know you have succeeded?  What will it look like, feel like, and sound like?  This might be similar to your vision that you developed earlier but it is an important step as it helps you to measure your success.  You can develop a measure for each step of the way and then check it off when you complete it. 

The last step is to do it and then to celebrate your accomplishments! 

Being a dreamer is great when you take hold of the dream and move it into your life. 

Dream, create, live.

Learn how to be a Dream Maker!!

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