SlideShare — Repurposing Your Content For Expanded Reach

I don’t know if you have ever looked at SlideShare as a viable marketing platform, but it is where I get alot of traffic.  I use articles and convert them into slide presentations and upload them to slide sharing sites.  I then convert each article into a video as well.  Each of these are then shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as well as social bookmarking sites.

Slide Share is powerful because right on SlideShare you can share your presentations on your LinkedIn profile.  Now your profile is more multi-media and gives people looking at your information even more.

Recently I was looking at my statistics on SlideShare only to discover that I had some slide presentations with over 13,000 views.  Much higher than the same info on YouTube.

I also use the data to provide insight into what people are looking for.  Years ago I wrote an article about screaming employees.  Years later, that is one of my top viewed articles, slide shares and videos….valuable info.

What could you do to convert articles to slide presentations?

Here are some ideas on the SlideShare Editorial Calendar:


The calendar has some great topics that you can create a slide presentation for and upload.  By participating in the monthly topics you will end up with more traffic and more engagement.

Like other sites people are able to leave comments on presentations, download them if permitted by the author, and follow people they like.

Using SlideShare is part of a good Content Repurposing strategy. Content Repurposing is when you take one piece of content and use across many platforms, thus expanding your reach and meeting people where they are!!

Learn more with my Content Repurposing Guide:

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
for creating a content marketing strategy. Using your content only once is cumbersome. It means that you are constantly creating new content. But when you repurpose your content, then you are able to maximize its reach and its power.

Content Repurposing is central to an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Can content be a marketing strategy? YES!! Definitely! Content educates your prospect, your leads about YOU, your organization and what you have to offer. It is a pre-seller to your services.

Vision statements and a mind trick that works…

Creating your vision statement can be daunting. I speak personally here!! It’s about the dream. How you EnVision the future.

vision statement

Listen, it’s not unusual to struggle with dreaming about great riches (or whatever you value as success)
because deep down you don’t believe you deserve success.

Or you don’t believe you can reach what seems like an unreachable goal. It just seems illogical to be
able to achieve these things. Right?

Of course not. If that were the case then a man wouldn’t have walked on the moon, a 54 year old
woman wouldn’t finish a swim from Cuba to Florida, or a 41 year old woman win an Olympic silver

A Mind Trick to Vision Discovery and Creating a Powerful Vision Statement

Try this exercise to trick your mind into discovering your “life vision statement” for you.

Assign 30 minutes to this activity and do it when no one will bother you. Turn off the phones,
computers, lock the cats in the bedroom, send the kids outdoors or go to the library.

Brainstorm your TO DO & TO BE list

  • Set the timer for 30 minutes
  • Take a pad of paper and pen and begin to write done things you think you would like TO DO or TO BE.
  • Write like a mad-man or woman. Don’t stop until 30 minutes is passed. This is critical.
    Keep the focus and your mind will let loose a storm of ideas.
  • Even if you can’t think of something for a few minutes hang in there.
  • At the end of 30 minutes stop. Set aside your list.

During the day something else may come to you so go ahead and write it down.

Then sleep on it.

The next day review your list.

Next, do the same exercise, but this time only allow yourself 10 minutes.

Then sleep on it.

The next day write down two or three statements about your life vision.

Go do this now!

Spend a few days working on YOUR vision statement. Don’t go for perfection. Go for authenticity. It will be yours and when it is authentically YOURS, it will inspire YOU!!

That inspiration will give you energy and passion to move it all forward!!

The Vision Project provides MORE info and exercises for visioning.

Check it out HERE:

6 Self Care Tips Which Take a Minute

6 Self Care Tips which Take Less than a Minute to Perform


“I don’t have time!”

How often have you said those words when it came to self care? Oh, you know it’s good for you. But really, who has hours to spare just to take care of themselves?

Quite simply, you do. In fact, you have more time than you think. These 6 self care tips will each take you less than a minute to perform.

Take a Deep Breath

Anytime you’re feeling tense, stressed out, or even just a little ‘off’ taking several deep breaths will change the situation for the better. The key? Don’t just breathe. Hold your breath in between steps for maximum impact. Start with inhaling to the count of four, then hold it for the count of four, and exhale to the count of four.

Slow Down Your Lunch

When is the last time you truly enjoyed your food? The next time you eat anything at all, pause in your chewing to savor the textures and flavors. By doing this you aid in digestion and rediscover the joy of eating all at the same time!

Stop Everything

There is a lot to be said for a moment of silence. Calm racing thoughts, lower your heart rate, and relax fully into the moment by turning off your electronics and just sitting with your eyes closed. Even doing this for just 30 seconds does wonders for your state of mind.

Look Around

Another great technique for calming yourself but still engaging the mind actively is to take notice of an object near you. Spend a full minute in exploring this object, taking note of everything about it. What does it feel like? What colors is it? How does the light strike the surface? Close your eyes and see if you can recall this object in minute detail. This will actually help in cognition and focus.


Having a rough day? Taking a one-minute vacation in your head can help perk things up. Use this as a visualization exercise for an added benefit by picturing someplace you’d like to visit or something you want to experience in person someday.

Show Gratitude

A thankful heart helps to shift how you see the world and is really good for your mood and self-talk. Think of something you’re grateful for. Or better yet, take a minute to jot off a quick email thanking someone in your life for something you appreciate about them.

By taking a minute to yourself, you’ll be surprised at the impact this has upon your mental and physical self. Being more relaxed and less stressed will help you to feel healthier and happier as you go about your day.

Self care can often be put to the back burner. Prioritizing yourself and your personal self care can have an incredible impact on you, personally, but also on your business, your career, your relationships. Don’t neglect YOU!!

Pick up a copy of my 21 Self Care Quick Tips Report!!

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Taking a few minutes to look at what you are really doing for your self care is important. So many of us are focused on everyone else and forget about ourselves! Adding just a few minutes per day to your personal self care can make a huge difference in your life.

4 Things You Can Do To Your Workspace to Encourage Self Care

Make Your Workspace — Welcome YOU!!


What does your workspace say about you? Most people try to find ways to personalize the space where they work. While not every job allows for much in the way of personal touches, there are some things you can do to keep your workspace uniquely you. This lends itself to better productivity.

But how does your workspace impact your health? Think about this: there are many things you can do to workspace to encourage self-care. Imagine how this could change your life.

Try these things:

Build Better Boundaries

There are times when you can deal with an interruption, and times when you just need to work. Look for ways to create better boundaries to keep your productivity high, and your frustration low. If you have the ability to shut your door when you need to concentrate, do so. if not, talk to your coworkers about how to signal them when you are in interruption-free mode.

Clean Up Your Act

Sometimes the simplest thing self-care action at work is to create a better workspace for yourself is to clean up the clutter. By being able to find what you need, when you need it, you preserve your sanity and get more done.

Escape to Eat

Your workspace should never be a dining hall. When your lunch break comes around, it’s time for you to go. The problem with eating at your desk, is you become tempted to keep working while you eat. The best self-care practice at lunchtime is to step out and eat elsewhere. Even if you work from home, the very act of eating away from your workspace can do wonders for your mental health. Go to another room or even just pick a different chair at the kitchen table as a way of telling your brain you’re done working for the time being.

Put Away the Screens

While it’s not always practical to put away your laptop or tablet, it’s good to do so when you can. Why? After a few hours, staring at any screen, whether it’s on your phone or elsewhere, can make your eyes hurt. This constant exposure to electronics can be very wearying and even cause damage to your body over time. Don’t believe it? Consider how many people you know, yourself included, who have had problems with carpel tunnel in the past year or two. The solution? Make a point of doing some things by hand. To do lists don’t need to be on an app or computer screen to be effective. Also, clustering jobs which aren’t tech heavy can give you a nice break during the day.

The key to self-care at work is in making your workspace work for you, not against you. By paying attention to these simple details, you’ll feel more productive and enjoy your work day more.

Learn more with my Self Care Tips Guide:

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
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The Self Care System is my 12 month course, well, not a course as much as a place to spend a few minutes each month focusing on 12 aspects of self care.

Each month we focus on a different area of self care. With this focus, we work to improve in small increments each month.

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Practicing Self Care: 5 Unique Ways

Get Started Practicing Self Care With These 5 Self Care Tips

practicing self care

It’s a well-known fact we need to be practicing self care. But sometimes it seems a little boring. We do the same old things: exercising, eating great, trying to do nice things for ourselves but it never stops feeling selfish, nor does it seem to get any easier.

It’s time to change things up. Let’s look at some unique and interesting ways to practice self-care in ways which make you feel good about what you’re doing.

Practicing Self Care: Eat Right

You already know the importance of a good diet. Now consider taking it to the next level. Make a practice of looking for foods which are healthy and natural. Look for home-grown items at a farmer’s market. Consider sustainable foods. Remember, eating right can have a healthy impact and those around you with only a little thought and consideration.

Practicing Self Care: Connect

Looking for a way to spoil yourself? Rather than indulge in shopping therapy, why not instead invest in time with others rather than in more consumer goods? Having a lunch with a friend brings a positive impact upon both your life and theirs.

Practicing Self Care: Express Your Emotions

When we shut down and try to control our emotions, we do ourselves more harm than good. Holding things in only leads to additional stress, higher blood pressure, and other negative physical affects. Instead, look for ways to express how you feel. Indulge in art. Journal. Get into deep conversation with others. All of these will help you to come to a better understanding of how you feel and will aid in letting go of negativity.

Practicing Self Care: Pamper Yourself

There is nothing wrong with indulging in little self-spoiling actions such as bubble baths, a manicure, or a massage. By taking the extra effort to use natural products and treat those around you well, you benefit yourself, the environment, and others.

Practicing Self Care: Stretch Your Mind

Self-care often includes time out to read a good book or to watch a movie. Again, both of these are great ideas. To take this to the next level, try watching a documentary instead, or reading something which has an impact upon how you think. Good examples of positive reading material include inspiring biographies, books on environmental issues, and anything which educates or keeps you informed.

By following these tips, self-care becomes interesting again. Even more important, you start seeing how you can impact the world in positive ways even when you’re just taking care of yourself.

Learn more with my Self Care Tips Guide:

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
for improving YOUR Self Care!!

Check it out for FREE

The Self Care System is my 12 month course, well, not a course as much as a place to spend a few minutes each month focusing on 12 aspects of self care.

Each month we focus on a different area of self care. With this focus, we work to improve in small increments each month.

Check out the full program to practice self care.

VWR: Being a Highly Sensitive Business Leader

Muriel Kosovsky passionate about helping entrepreneurial leaders to cultivate an empowering mindset for success, as well as outstanding interpersonal effectiveness to foster collaborative and commercially-driven relationships. Muriel brings 15 years of education, training, and mentoring expertise to the leadership coaching space.

In this episode, Muriel and I discuss being a highly sensitive business leader as an entrepreneur and professional and how that impacts you.

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And of course, you can reach Muriel via her website at Self Coaching Circle:

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