Donna Lynn Price has a passion for working hard to make sure businesses achieve the success they envision

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Meet Donna Lynn Price

Donna Lynn Price, Founder and CEO of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC has been working with individuals and business leaders throughout her career. First, as an educator and leader in Non Profits and later as a business and marketing consultant.Business leaders worldwide have found Donna’s expertise and leadership refreshing and inspiring. From her books to her programs, Donna provides leaders with the tools they need to build their businesses to success. Donna Price, author of 3 different books and contributing author to several others, Donna shares her leadership expertise. 


Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen — takes readers on a journey of inspiration — joining Donna on her cross-country bicycle trip and learning how she put it together in less than a year, with an international sponsor.  Employee Coaching — shares Donna’s philosophy and strategies for coaching employees to succeed rather than a top down micro management approach to leadership.  

Yes! Marketing Works! — is the marketing guide to take your business from zero to a million. Donna’s Inner Circle program incorporates all of her work into one membership program, including: Bizology.Biz: The Science of Building a Thriving Business — a program that has been revamped and reborn – is an incredible program for building thriving businesses. The program encompasses hours of training and templates on how to STRATEGICALLY market your business. Filled with tools and strategies, Bizology.Biz becomes the business leaders go to resource for anything and everything marketing! 

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Donna Lynn Price has been working with business leaders since 2003 and Compass Rose Consulting has evolved from its beginnings as a leadership development resource to add marketing strategy and business growth as a focus. Donna is an extraordinary mentor and business coach. She has been helping people achieve their goals for the last 30+ years. Her passion is in seeing the moments that people create their own “aha’s” and understanding. By gaining personal insight and ultimately movement to their dream and vision, 


Donna is inspired and her life’s passion is fulfilled. It’s not enough to have a vision; you have to live the vision. 


Donna Price has been a dreamer all her life. It’s when you take action that dreams move into your life. From her experiences as a dreamer and dream maker Donna inspires audiences to live intentionally and live their dream instead of daydreaming, create success and live in the flow.She has 18+ years of mid and upper management experience. Her experience includes developing residential options for people with disabilities and as the director of an experiential outdoor education center and summer camp for underserved urban youth. She has been successful in program development, policy and procedure development, staff training and program certification and accreditation. She has worked to guide programs to be sustainable work places that are life nurturing and enriching.In addition to her management experience Donna has bicycled across the Donna working at service projects along the way, participated in a 72 day Outward Bound Leadership course and has extensive training in facilitating adventure education on high and low ropes courses.  


Donna has completed intensive training in facilitating the Genuine Contact Program and is a certified program leader and coach of the Best Year Yet program. Donna continues to be a cyclist, biking with her family on tandems. She lives in New Jersey with her two daughters and partner — loving traveling , kayaking, camping, biking….friends, family and business!!Schedule your first meeting with Donna Price