Do you ever feel that you just aren't getting important projects DONE?

I'm Donna Lynn Price, and I KNOW that it can be challenging to get to the important things, because "life happens", right?

Well, in this free guide, I give you 7 practices that you can use to get your projects moving and finished!!

When you learn these 7 practices, you can start checking things off your list!!

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7 Practices for Finishing What You Start

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Procrastination, CRISIS, WORK, LIFE, they can each pull you in the other direction...

Take Your Projects OFF the Shelf

Move Into Action

These 7 Practices will have you in action in a whole new way!! Do NOT doubt that you can do it!!


With an action plan for each practice.


You will feel better, more confident, more in control of your life, because you did what you said you were going to do!!


When you LEARN the 7 practices AND take ACTION, you will see your project getting done!!

Donna Lynn Price KNOWS How to Get INTO ACTION

From Cross Country Cyclist to Outdoor Leader to Business Owner -- Author, Speaker & Marketer

Donna Price has lived boldly and brings that boldness to her work.... from a 72 Outward Bound Leadership Course to a cross country bicycle tour to jumping into business..

Donna Inspires Leadership

It's not just talk, it's experience, it's a passion for empowering leadership, creating the space for leaders to emerge and supporting their journey along the way....

Values That Guide

At the core are values of commitment, perseverance, courage, responsibility, fitness & risk. Each support a vision of success and boldness.