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Operating Values

In developing the values for Compass Rose Consulting, journaling and reflection went into it.  A list of the important values emerged.  The list was not an attempt at an acronym like CIRCLES.  It simply emerged and in that I knew it was on track.


C- Compassion – at the heart or center of all we do is compassion. The heart is central to our work.  Respect and Love must be present in doing important and impactful work.

I- Integrity – honesty and authenticity is vital to our operations.

R- Relationships – business is all about relationships. Our relationships strive to be genuine and authentic.  We start with an assumption of good.

C- Conscious—Socially conscious and environmentally conscious guide our operations.  Socially conscious or socially responsible – we operate from a place of consciousness of our impact on people and communities. We believe that people should be treated fairly and treated well. This value cascades through how we operate, who we do business with, who our vendors are. Environmental responsibility is our commitment to the protection of the earth, honoring the earth and valuing the earth.

L- Leadership – conscious leadership is valued.  A conscious leader is one that is always learning, reflecting and improving themselves personally and professionally.

E- Engaged Impact – CRC values community and its impact beyond individual clients or customers, but a cascade beyond, into communities – locally, nationally and globally. CRC works to engage with organizations that are making an impact on their community and the world.

S- Spirit – We recognize that spirit is present in all that we do.  We work to listen deeply and recognize spirit in our work.

Values guide our decisions and operations.

The key to values in business is walking your talk or living your values. We do a regular values check-in to ensure that we are doing the best we can to live our values.  Values can be what you are striving for and aren’t quite there yet.  But if no efforts are being made to get there then they aren’t useful to your organization.