4 Things You Can Do To Your Workspace to Encourage Self Care

Make Your Workspace — Welcome YOU!!


What does your workspace say about you? Most people try to find ways to personalize the space where they work. While not every job allows for much in the way of personal touches, there are some things you can do to keep your workspace uniquely you. This lends itself to better productivity.

But how does your workspace impact your health? Think about this: there are many things you can do to workspace to encourage self-care. Imagine how this could change your life.

Try these things:

Build Better Boundaries

There are times when you can deal with an interruption, and times when you just need to work. Look for ways to create better boundaries to keep your productivity high, and your frustration low. If you have the ability to shut your door when you need to concentrate, do so. if not, talk to your coworkers about how to signal them when you are in interruption-free mode.

Clean Up Your Act

Sometimes the simplest thing self-care action at work is to create a better workspace for yourself is to clean up the clutter. By being able to find what you need, when you need it, you preserve your sanity and get more done.

Escape to Eat

Your workspace should never be a dining hall. When your lunch break comes around, it’s time for you to go. The problem with eating at your desk, is you become tempted to keep working while you eat. The best self-care practice at lunchtime is to step out and eat elsewhere. Even if you work from home, the very act of eating away from your workspace can do wonders for your mental health. Go to another room or even just pick a different chair at the kitchen table as a way of telling your brain you’re done working for the time being.

Put Away the Screens

While it’s not always practical to put away your laptop or tablet, it’s good to do so when you can. Why? After a few hours, staring at any screen, whether it’s on your phone or elsewhere, can make your eyes hurt. This constant exposure to electronics can be very wearying and even cause damage to your body over time. Don’t believe it? Consider how many people you know, yourself included, who have had problems with carpel tunnel in the past year or two. The solution? Make a point of doing some things by hand. To do lists don’t need to be on an app or computer screen to be effective. Also, clustering jobs which aren’t tech heavy can give you a nice break during the day.

The key to self-care at work is in making your workspace work for you, not against you. By paying attention to these simple details, you’ll feel more productive and enjoy your work day more.

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