Visionary Womenpreneurs

Womenpreneurs gathering to learn, grow, mastermind, collaborate, share and celebrate!!

The Visionary Womenpreneurs Mastermind is a gathering place for values based womenpreneurs that are leading their companies to make an impact.

When you join the Mastermind you are joining a group of like-minded women that are inspiring, impactful and making a difference in the world, AND want to support YOU in doing the same!

Not just any mastermind — but a mastermind filled with Visionaries that are Womenpreneurs!!

Non Profit Management

Donna Price has 30 years of non profit experience, 20 years in management and leadership. She brings her expertise to non profit organizations in administrative and leadership roles to support your vision & mission.

Remote Management Support

Let us help you with your administrative management, leadership and day to day operations.

Membership Management

Growing your organization’s membership and providing great support improves your organization.

Technology Enables Success

Today’s technology allows us to support your organization from our office. We use video conferencing to keep in touch.

Team Building

Effective teams produce results for organizations, efficiently and with some fun!!

People — Your Most Valuable Resource

Invest in the people skills of your team. Share vision, and shared goals.

Communication is key..

Teams that learn the keys to effective communication are able to accomplish more.

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