Testimonials for Donna Lynn Price

Vivian Gaspar – Stop My Crisis

I have known Donna Lynn Price almost 10 years as a consummate professional and extremely committed and highly savvy business coach who has always focused on her client’s exponential success. In the business networking circles which we have traveled in together I have been honored to bear witness to Donna’s selfless and endless giving of herself to the community at large.

As the author of the books, “Stop My Crisis – Facing Life’s Challenges” and “Stop My Crisis – Be the 1 in 5 – Keeping YOUR Business From Failing” I have vetted over 100 professionals in their fields to select 5 5experts to contribute on 81 topics between the two books. I was compelled to choose Donna to be my contributing business consultant for the chapters on”Vision and Leadership” as well as “Should You Throw in the Towel?”. I feel honored to have Donna as my expert business coach in my book “Stop My Crisis – Be the 1 in 5” as I am extremely confident that my readers could have been hard pressed to find a better expert to gain this knowledge from.

Vivian Gaspar, Author and Producer of the books: Stop My Crisis – Facing Life’s Challenges and Stop My Crisis – Be the 1 in 5 – How to Keep YOUR Business from Failing. www.stopmycrisis.com

Mary Perry – Wings Unfurled

Donna’s approach to coaching was just what I needed. I tend to go into overwhelm mode and she would help me focus on my most important priorities easily. I got my ToDo list done quickly and easily which helped me move my business along. Her loving and caring attitude came through on our first call and kept me excited to continue working with her. She was flexible and yet kept me on track. It was everything I had hoped for in working with a coach!

Mary Perry, Wings Unfurled, www.Wings-Unfurled.com

Ann Freeman Price

I am Donna’s mother and for the past ten years Donna and I have worked together professionally. I applaud her methods. Her coaching,consulting and marketing expertise have each helped me to move my projects from an idea to a reality. As her client I have published five books and re-issued a CD, AND have four more books almost ready to go. It works.

Ann Freeman Price, author of Mama and Me; Wisdom of Children; Trilogy of Cancer: The Jolt, TheJourney, The Joy; 50 Graces to Sing to Tunes You Know; the children’s book Do You Love Me; and composer of the CD Womansongs/ Peacesongs. And soon to be published: Cinderella Smart, and a new daybook.

Terry-Ann Zander – Zander Consulting

It is with great pleasure to write about the services provided by Donna Price of Compass Rose Consulting. I engaged Donna Price as a coach to help me navigate a possible career change or to decide whether to grow my marketing consulting business.

During a series of bi-weekly coaching sessions Donna helped me map out a plan including my vision for my personal and business life.She shared real-world strategies to help me take the steps to achieve the vision I set. She asked the right questions and provided guidance to help me understand what matters most to me. In the process she identified the obstacles that were potentially hampering my own success.

I encourage you to contact Donna Price if you are serious about making a change, growing your business or at a career crossroad.She will help you map out a personalized plan and instill the confidence for you to take your professional success to the next level.

Terry-Ann Zander, Zander Consulting, www.zanderconsulting.com

Christine Overton

I refer all my valued clients to Donna Price, for in her, they have a business expert who knows how to transform a good product idea into a highly profitable business that is guaranteed to explode with success IF they follow her guidance. Most professionals have no idea how to market their idea and even less clue into current trends. This book provides a treasure trove of Donna’s proven strategies, based upon years of successful coaching of her clients. Prepare to catapult your business to unimaginable heights.

Christine Overton, PhD., D.D., Author of: 50 Things I’ve Learned From 50 Years Of Life- 5 Decades of “Ah-Ha” Life Learning Lessons www.christinemercyoverton.com

Richard McFarland-Lion Hearted Mentoring

I have known Donna Price for over six years and have worked with her as my business coach for the last two. Donna has incredible business and internet marketing knowledge, as well as producing outstanding tools for entrepreneurs. She has been instrumental in converting my consulting business from one of me chasing leads, to one where prospects are now calling me. I am amazed at the results that I have generated from our work together… and the greatest result is a substantial increase in my bottom line cash flow. I highly recommend Donna for your business consulting and marketing needs. You will get your desired results.

Richard MacFarlane, Business and Life Coach, Lion Hearted Mentoring, www.LionHeartedMentoring.com

Ms. Nena B. – The LinkedIn Queen

Ms. Nena B – LinkedIn Queen and Success Catalyst msnenab.com