Build Your Club or Membership Program

Build Your Club or Membership Program 1

Attention Entrepreneurs and Service Providers: If you are working more hours than you did when you had a job, then read on, because I want to show you…

How to Make a Bigger Impact While Working Less (and Without Sacrificing Quality OR Your Family Time)!

Imagine being able to impact the lives of hundreds of people each and every day, while working just a few hours each week. It’s NOT as impossible as it sounds…..

Hello Daring Entrepreneur,

If there is one thing nearly all entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they truly want to make a difference in the lives of others, what ever that is…..

  • Health coaches are passionate about helping people lose weight, or regain health or become more fit…
  • Business coaches love when their clients find their money-making groove…
  • Pet Shop owners want their clients pets to feel great, look great and be healthy…
  • Massage therapists want their clients to feel relaxed, less pain….
  • Dress shop owners want their customers to feel that they look dazzling…

But here’s the problem. One on One customer service is time consuming and by it’s very nature, limited to the number of hours in the day. It limits the number of clients that you can serve. There is a way to have a greater impact — work MORE!!

Oh no!! If you have taken that route, you have found yourself working 50 or 60 or 70 or more hours each week. But imagine, being able to….

Reach More Clients While Making MORE Money!

“Discover How To Turn What You Already Know About Your Work, Hobby, Or Personal Interests Into Passive Income —
Month After Month!”

You have expertise and information that you can share with your clients, your contacts and it has extraordinary value to your business.

All it takes is a simple monthly club to quickly create recurring payments (for fabulous cash flow) and happy clients who feel supported and loved every step of the way!!

Building a Club or Membership Program can enhance your business or can be the foundation of your business. Now, before your doubt what you can do…. read on!!

A Club or Membership Program can provide you with:

  • Loyal, pre-qualified subscribers who have chosen – and believe in – you
  • Expert status and exposure in your field
  • A “bread-and-butter” base figure of monthly income you can count on (while you watch it grow)
  • Value rich feedback and ideas for targeted new products and services
  • Your own personal, dedicated opt-in list
  • Minimal set up costs
  • Recurring revenue for one-time product development
  • Automatic niche domination and growth

Even as you’re reading this, a little voice is whispering at the back of your mind, “You’re just like all the other entrepreneurs out there. You’re not known enough or you don’t know enough or your not quite ready or…” 

It’s my pleasure today to show you that those statements are simply not true.

You have more skills than you know. And with a little help in finding the right market while following a straightforward, simple plan, you can open your own door to a steady source of monthly income that will only be the start of your success.


How to Create a Low Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income!!!

My Club Building course includes a comprehensive manual on building a membership program as well as a multi-part E-Learning Video training course!!

People are life long learners. In the age of the Internet — learning opportunities have skyrocketed and the industry is HUGE.

Yes, there are many, many free resources out there, but offering a paid membership learning site is a solid business strategy.

As Long As There’s An Internet, People Will Naturally Split Into Communities of like-minded people naturally flock to like, and the secret is to discover which community needs you and your particular talents and services the most.

Which communities do you belong to?

Why do you like them?  What is special about your favorite forum that keeps you coming back again and again?  What does it give you? What areas does it strengthen and enrich?

Why do you willingly pay, month after month?

I’ll tell you the biggest secret about memberships, clubs and subscriptions!!

People Like Membership Sites Because Membership Sites Make Them Feel Safe! Think about it. Your password to a Membership Site not only gives you exclusivity, it guarantees that only like-minded people will share your intimate journey with you. You can count on them to:

  • Keep your secrets
  • Supply you with help
  • Give you feedback and ideas
  • Help you solve market-specific problems
  • Become your friends, brothers and sisters
  • Become joint venture partners
  • Provide specialized services you need 
  • …All this within the secure “walls” of a strong, protected internet estate.

As a member, you also have access to private resources – ones rich in information, endowing you with skills the average web surfer will not enjoy.

You don’t mind paying that monthly fee, because what you get back is far more valuable.

You boost your own income with the secrets you learn there. Your confidence rises as you benefit from highly specialized knowledge.

You feel as if you have an edge.

But why stop at being just a member?

That’s What Your Subscribers Will Be Feeling, As You Provide Them With Valuable Monthly Content…

It’s easier than you might think.

Inside — of Club Building you will access:

Build Your Club or Membership Program 2

Build Your Club or Membership Program 3

Build Your Club or Membership Program 4

Build Your Club or Membership Program 5

Keep Generating Buzz, Keep Growing Your Business, and Keep It Low Maintenance

If you are ready to create a whole new method of business, this is where you can start.  We have the tips, tricks, and knowledge to help you create a monthly club that will take your business to the next level! 

Leverage your content, generate buzz, and best of all, enjoy an excellent, steady income source for little maintenance!

This course has everything you need to be successful!  It’s time to take all the work you have put in over YEARS and have it start to pay off.  You’re a brilliant entrepreneur!  It’s time to share your knowledge and your gifts with more people! 

It’s time to make some great changes in how you conduct your business!  Let us help you set up a low-maintenance monthly club that will generate income month after month, giving you the security and success you deserve!

Don’t let all those months (even years) when you struggled and paid out cold, hard cash to find out what you thought you needed to know go to waste. Put all that painfully-gained experience to work for you – while learning to weed out what you don’t want in your business (and life)
Use it to build a Membership Site that can inspire, inform and renew you as much as your subscribers!
Just Do The Math – It’s A “Win-Win” Setup

For You And Your Subscribers They get a rich source of information, skills, contacts and much more. You gain the sort of income that means a solid difference – one you can even build on, if you choose, by adding off-site products, seminars and other services (giving your loyal subscribers a valuable discount, of course).

Even if you don’t want to expand your empire and go on to become the next guru or make millions, your one single Membership Site can offer you a nice, fat, nest-egg of golden-nugget security in an unstable economy.

Just think…

…If you started small and limited your Membership Site to only 101 subscribers, charging them only $9.97 a month, that would be income of $1006.97 per month – in your pocket, guaranteed.

…If you expanded a little to start out with 250 subscribers at $17.95 a month, that would bring you $4,487.50 every month – in your pocket, guaranteed.

…If you opened it up to 500 subscribers at $24.97 per month, it would bring you $12,485 every month – in your pocket, guaranteed

…If you determined you could easily ask $35.75 per month for your 500 members, that would bring you $17,875.00 every month – in your pocket, guaranteed

…And if you’re offering a high-value site, with the services and opportunities to match, you might realistically achieve 500 members willing to pay $50 a month. That’s $25,000 every month – in your pocket, guaranteed

Unlike preparing to sell information products or offering services, that’s not guesswork or projection – that’s simple, concrete math!

Using these figures (and there’s no reason you can’t set your own, depending on what you’re offering – something I help you determine) you could be making between $1006.97-$25,000 a month.

Every month.

Now face it, unless you’ve got a skill or a name strong enough to pull in a $50 membership (and the resources to handle 500 members) you’re probably not going to start there.

But you can certainly see the potential! 

It’s up to you – and my  “Membership Site Manual: How To Start And Profit From Your Own Membership Site” can set you up for solid success.

Order Your Copy Right Now! YES! I Want To Take Advantage Of This Exclusive Offer RIGHT NOW! I’d be crazy to pass on this fantastic deal to learn everything about membership sites. I understand that I’ll receive Online Membership Site Manul for a low one-time investment of just $47 $27 before the price doubles without warning! On that basis, here’s my investment and I can’t wait to start now!

Remember, knowledge is power, and everyone wants a piece of it.

Create a steady income for yourself – and keep it.


Gain full access the the E-Learning Playbook — a complete video training course on How to build your site and club.

Build Your Club or Membership Program 6

Video Modules that Cover:

The E-Learning Playbook Live Video Course

Build Your Club or Membership Program 7
What you’ll discover in this Live Training Course:

->> Why Build a Video Learning Center
->> Examples of Video Learning Centers
->> Hosting Concerns
->> Video Upgrades
->> Making Your Learning Center Market Friendly
->> Selling Access To Your Learning Center

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Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Author

Donna Price is a strategist, working with entrepreneurs to increase profits using the 7 Profitability Accelerators. Create your system for success.

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