Podcast: Vision, Strategy and New Ideas for Change

Visionary Womenpreneurs Radio:
Vision, Strategy and New Ideas for a Changing Environment

The current business environment has drastically changed around the world.  Donna Price, shares ideas for taking a look at your current strategies and shifting them to this new reality.

What are the ways that you can shift?
What can you create now that can have a positive impact on your business?

Resources discussed in the show:

The times are shifting.  Creating a plan to shift with the new environment is essential.

strategyFirst, know that you can create new strategies that can move you into the future as well.

It seems daunting, but meetings are moving online, healthcare appointments are shifting, therapies, yoga it is shifting. So, how are you shifting with the times?

Take a look at your vision?  Remember why you do what you do!

Next take a look at your strategic plan.  What strategies can you shift? What products or services can you offer remotely?  For some, it is easy. For others it is not.  But for many, there are things that can be done. New ways to do business, to do it differently.  This is the time to not panic, but to get creative.  Brainstorm.  Brainstorming means that no idea is bad.  Write it down and then the next one.  Look at the ideas and see what emerges.  Need help brainstorming — schedule time with me.

Create a communications plan to be in touch with your clients, your prospects, your community. Communicate!! Communicate often. The best way to communicate is your email. SO — IF you do not have an email sign up form on your website — add one.  Use Mailchimp or iContact or GetResponse or ActiveCampaign.  Use a professional email marketing tool.  I use Zoho Campaigns.  It is part of the ZohoOne suite and runs my business.  You can also add email marketing using a plugin on a wordpress site. The plugin that I like is MailPoet. Upgrade for free.

Your website is your HUB.  Send out an email and post it on your website. Link out and distribute to your social media and bring people back in to your site. It is the HUB.

Develop valuable content for people. Think about — can I do this in a course via video. Create a course. All content can then be added to a membership area on your website.  (the HUB again!!). Content for a membership site can be created as you go or LIVE.  Record the videos live and then add them to your membership.  You can do live videos for free or paid.  Putting the pieces together can seem overwhelming but it does not have to be.  Repurpose your content, take one piece and use it over and over again.

And then use that content to create a new product or service on your website.

You can see on Compass Rose Consulting — we take a webinar and then host here and offer it to members. Sometimes for free and sometimes paid. It depends on the webinar. You can do that very same thing.  Have things that you offer for free and more advanced content or classes are paid. Your information is valuable. Think creatively.

I have a Vet — for our animals. He sees lots and lots of animals.  He is a natural.  He has vast knowledge.  He is an animal whisperer.  He understands his craft. So, what can he do with that?  Well, lots of new vets need his knowledge.  Video is a great way to teach.  First, you don’t have to teach the same thing over and over again. You teach it once or maybe twice, and you offer people the chance to watch the video. Then you can do a consult with them (paid) about the video. What did they see? What did they learn? What questions do they have?  OR you can have a weekly group call. Watch the videos and then come to the group with your questions.  Learn from the other people in the class.   It can become an online resource that has real value.

How can you implement this idea or strategy in your business?  Comment below!! Or schedule a consult!!

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