How Content Repurposing Can Save YOU!

Content Repurposing Just Makes Sense!

Using your content in multiple ways can save you time as well as money and help you to reach more people on different platforms.  This article will demo the effectiveness of the strategy.  Here I have an infographic, I am writing an article to go with the infographic, I will also upload a video of the infographic.

The infographic makes the article more appealing because there is a visual, so if you don’t want to read the article, you can just look at the infographic.  The video takes the information and makes it so you don’t even have read the article or look at the infographic.

But the other thing that happens is that now, I can distribute the content on different platforms.  The article alone isn’t useful on Pinterest or Instagram, but the infographic takes the information to those platforms.  The video is helpful on each platform, and gives me the ability to share the content on Youtube and other video platforms.

The blog is the hub that it all starts on and points back to and then there are some links that point across platforms as well. Content repurposing grows out of your blog…

Of course there are a few other things that can be done with the content as well.  I can spin the article and distribute to article marketing sites, I can add the infographic and article to LinkedIn and publish it there.  I can create a slideshow to distribute to slideshow sites…. and each of these again brings traffic back to the hub of it all — the website (or blog).

Content repurposing can take one article and move it out onto the internet in multiple ways… and I am not doing them all.  I could take it further and create a podcast, an audio, a webinar, a hangout and the list goes on and on.  All from one article — turned infographic– turned video–audio–pdf–slideshow….

When you take the time to use your content strategically, you are using in multiple ways.  You are content repurposing and maximizing your time and resources.

Content repurposing just makes sense for marketers but even more so for small business owners because it is time consuming to develop good content and then to use it only once is a waste.

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