Email Marketing for Profits 4-Part Toolbox

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Email Marketing For Profits Toolkit

Email is one of the strategies that you can use to grow your business. Many people think (mistakenly) that email is dead. But it is far from dead. In fact, it remains one of the most effective follow up strategies for both potential buyers and current buyers.


When you set up an effective email marketing campaign, you are able follow up consistently with each group.

When someone comes to your website — your goal is to get their email address. This gives YOU the ability to continue to build that relationship with them. Business is about relationships. If they come to your site and do not opt in but bounce off, you most likely, will never see them again. And then, when they need what you sell, they will find someone else, because they will not be able to remember who you are!

But, when you have an email marketing campaign set up and running automatically, then they know you, they remember you, and when they need you, they call you!! It sounds simple, right?

It is and it isn’t. There are a few keys that you want to know before you embark on an email marketing strategy.

You know that you only want to use strategies that are going to result in increased profits! So, you have to be strategic!

Email marketing is strategic, when done right.

Email Marketers Profit Toolkit

This 4-week course will show you exactly what you need to do to build and grow your email lists for bigger profits.

  • How to build and grow your mailing list fast.
  • Copy writing best practices for making more sales.
  • How to nurture your list to keep them returning for more.
  • Tracking and optimization tips for maximizing profits.
  • …and a whole lot more!

When you fail to integrate email marketing into your mix, you are missing an incredible strategy and opportunity.

Email is powerful. You can create an email marketing drip campaign that goes out automatically to the group that you indicate. Educate and inform is what you are doing with your email.

Get started on the four part course — and access each guide book!

But there’s more!!

Download our Bonuses!!

  • Email marketing templates — a great assortment
  • 50 subject starters to get your emails opened
  • List Building Checklist

Don’t ignore email. It is a great strategy when implemented well. When you build a list, that is YOUR list!! When you have followers on Instagram — they are Instagram’s contacts. Email is YOUR database. That has real world value to you and your business.

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Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Business & Marketing Strategist

Donna Price is a strategist, working with entrepreneurs to increase profits using the 7 Profitability Accelerators. Create your system for success.

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