Vision statements and a mind trick that works…

Creating your vision statement can be daunting. I speak personally here!! It’s about the dream. How you EnVision the future.

vision statement

Listen, it’s not unusual to struggle with dreaming about great riches (or whatever you value as success)
because deep down you don’t believe you deserve success.

Or you don’t believe you can reach what seems like an unreachable goal. It just seems illogical to be
able to achieve these things. Right?

Of course not. If that were the case then a man wouldn’t have walked on the moon, a 54 year old
woman wouldn’t finish a swim from Cuba to Florida, or a 41 year old woman win an Olympic silver

A Mind Trick to Vision Discovery and Creating a Powerful Vision Statement

Try this exercise to trick your mind into discovering your “life vision statement” for you.

Assign 30 minutes to this activity and do it when no one will bother you. Turn off the phones,
computers, lock the cats in the bedroom, send the kids outdoors or go to the library.

Brainstorm your TO DO & TO BE list

  • Set the timer for 30 minutes
  • Take a pad of paper and pen and begin to write done things you think you would like TO DO or TO BE.
  • Write like a mad-man or woman. Don’t stop until 30 minutes is passed. This is critical.
    Keep the focus and your mind will let loose a storm of ideas.
  • Even if you can’t think of something for a few minutes hang in there.
  • At the end of 30 minutes stop. Set aside your list.

During the day something else may come to you so go ahead and write it down.

Then sleep on it.

The next day review your list.

Next, do the same exercise, but this time only allow yourself 10 minutes.

Then sleep on it.

The next day write down two or three statements about your life vision.

Go do this now!

Spend a few days working on YOUR vision statement. Don’t go for perfection. Go for authenticity. It will be yours and when it is authentically YOURS, it will inspire YOU!!

That inspiration will give you energy and passion to move it all forward!!

Vision statements and a mind trick that works... 1

The Vision Project provides MORE info and exercises for visioning.

Check it out HERE:

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