Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation is a key to any business operations. Entrepreneurs need to be sure that they are establishing a system of appreciating EACH of their customers. For more:

Are Newsletters Still Effective?

In a world full of email, are newsletters still effective? Donna Price, Business Success Coach, shares her biz tip on e-zines or email newsletters.

Creating an Operational Plan

In Bizology.Biz operational plans are an essential key to your business. Even micro businesses benefit from having an operational plan and operating procedures. For more info:

Pay Attention to Your Sentences

Pay Attention to Your Sentences This is something that all good copywriters do on a regular basis. They focus on creating short sentences that make a statement. If you are accustomed to writing fiction you may be used to adding more fill to each…

The Basics of Good Copy

The Basics of Good Copy Writing good copy is a skill that many people should learn, regardless of whether they actually want to be a copywriter or not. If you send a lot of emails then these same skills and tactics apply to you…


1. List Building A brief Introduction List building marketing is a powerful tool to build a huge list for your business and if you are not using this strategy for your marketing campaign that means you have left your money on the table. As…