Changing Things Up a Bit

Where have I been?

Changing Things Up a Bit 1

Well I tell you, I have been soul searching and finding my purpose again.

I’ve reconnected with cycling and dreaming and some of that took me away from CRC.

But it is all good. Because I am focused and ready to make some changes and work things a bit differently!!

So what will it look like? How will it work??

Well, the details are coming….. and getting clearer and clearer but it has definitely take a while!!

First, I’ve taken a part time job in a bike shop!! I am learning to build bikes, sell bikes and eventually — I hope — how to repair bikes!!

At the same time, I have also got a NEW bike. New bike days are GREAT days!!

And we are having a blast riding together.

She doesn’t have a name (yet!!). But I am considering naming her. Any good ideas??

changing times

I am rebuilding my business around the same values and mission — helping small business owners grow their businesses and building my business to incorporate time differently to enable bike building and bike riding!!

Passion Time!! Is what changing things up a bit looks like!!

So, bottom line — it’s all good. It’s positive change. Because it brings my more authentic self out!!

It is an exciting time!

Keep an eye out as I let YOU know what it looks like and HOW I am working with business leaders!!

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