As CEO, Vision is Yours


We all wear several hats in business. But the CEO hat is vital to the growth of the organization.

You might get pulled down into the weeds of daily operations, but it is critical that you take time to pull out the CEO hat.

As the CEO, you are responsible for creating the company vision.

What is vision?

Vision is the BIG picture of what you are building, where you are taking the company in alignment with your core purpose.

Visions should be exciting, inspiring and attractive. When you have a compelling and powerful vision, it inspires not only you but your staff and possibly even your customers.

Vision can be the motivator to get out of bed each morning. To keep persevering. It is from that vision, that you can create your strategic plan. Strategic goals are different from your everyday action plan. They too, are bigger. They point to the future, to that vision.

When your goals do not align with your vision, then you are off course.

Spending time, revisiting or creating your vision, helps your organization or company stay on course, or get back on course. Vision is part of your guiding compass.

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