SlideShare — Repurposing Your Content For Expanded Reach

SlideShare -- Repurposing Your Content For Expanded Reach 1

I don’t know if you have ever looked at SlideShare as a viable marketing platform, but it is where I get alot of traffic.  I use articles and convert them into slide presentations and upload them to slide sharing sites.  I then convert each article into a video as well.  Each of these are then shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as well as social bookmarking sites.

Slide Share is powerful because right on SlideShare you can share your presentations on your LinkedIn profile.  Now your profile is more multi-media and gives people looking at your information even more.

Recently I was looking at my statistics on SlideShare only to discover that I had some slide presentations with over 13,000 views.  Much higher than the same info on YouTube.

I also use the data to provide insight into what people are looking for.  Years ago I wrote an article about screaming employees.  Years later, that is one of my top viewed articles, slide shares and videos….valuable info.

What could you do to convert articles to slide presentations?

Here are some ideas on the SlideShare Editorial Calendar:


The calendar has some great topics that you can create a slide presentation for and upload.  By participating in the monthly topics you will end up with more traffic and more engagement.

Like other sites people are able to leave comments on presentations, download them if permitted by the author, and follow people they like.

Using SlideShare is part of a good Content Repurposing strategy. Content Repurposing is when you take one piece of content and use across many platforms, thus expanding your reach and meeting people where they are!!

Learn more with my Content Repurposing Guide:

SlideShare -- Repurposing Your Content For Expanded Reach 2

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
for creating a content marketing strategy. Using your content only once is cumbersome. It means that you are constantly creating new content. But when you repurpose your content, then you are able to maximize its reach and its power.

Content Repurposing is central to an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Can content be a marketing strategy? YES!! Definitely! Content educates your prospect, your leads about YOU, your organization and what you have to offer. It is a pre-seller to your services.

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