Traffic – Critical

Traffic is the first Growth Metric to Sell More. It is critical for building your business and growing your revenue.

Traffic - Critical 1

Whether you are operating a service business or a store front or an online business — traffic is key.

Every business should have a a web presence and have an online strategy for driving traffic. For online traffic there are four key areas of focus.

But the number one thing that you need is to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!

Get Free Traffic from Your Content

One simple way to get a boatload of free traffic is from writing high quality content. Not a great writer? Not to worry there are still ways you can produce quality content without having to write it from scratch yourself.

Be sure to use your website. Adding new content via a blog is a great way to use your blog.

Then share that content across your social media networks.

Repurpose that content to share in different formats.

Engage with readers and comments.

Invite guest bloggers to your site and be a guest blogger on other websites.

Continue to learn how to make your website a key piece of your lead generation.

Create an special report or free gift for people opting in to your list. Have a good follow up system to build the relationship.

You probably already know how important sales leads are if you’re the owner of a business. If you don’t, then you should. Leads are the lifeblood of every business that currently exists or has ever existed and leads come from TRAFFIC!!

Leads were important to businesses hundreds of years ago. They are important to businesses today. They will remain important to businesses in the future.

As long as someone has something that they wish to sell to someone else, a lead on the identity of that someone else is vitally important.

Learn more with my Content Repurposing Guide:

Traffic - Critical 2

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
for creating a content marketing strategy. Using your content only once is cumbersome. It means that you are constantly creating new content. But when you repurpose your content, then you are able to maximize its reach and its power.

Content Repurposing is central to an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Can content be a marketing strategy? YES!! Definitely! Content educates your prospect, your leads about YOU, your organization and what you have to offer. It is a pre-seller to your services.

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