Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to build your credibility and rapport with new leads.

In this course, there are several resources.

  1. How to develop content. You receive my guide and training on 50 Ways to Develop Content & Video
  2. Checklists on:
    • Templates for different post types
  3. Where to get great content
  4. Content Idea Generator
  5. Learn HOW to Repurpose Your Content — with the Content Repurposing Guide (available for free)
  6. Repurposing Deep Dive
    • Articles & Repurposing
    • Videos, Podcasts & Audio
    • Outlines & Presentations
    • Infographics, Emails & Guides

Content can be a way to build your expertise and credibility.

Learn how to create good content and use it over and over.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Author

Donna Price is a strategist, working with entrepreneurs to increase profits using the 7 Profitability Accelerators. Create your system for success.

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