Affirmations for Positive Change

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Positive Affirmations for Positive Change

Developing a positive mindset (success mindset) is one of the most powerful strategies to turn your life around. Positive affirmations can help develop a powerful and positive attitude to life, which are essential elements in living a successful and healthy life.

Positive affirmations are essentially positive thoughts or statements about some outcome that you wish to see manifest in your life. The daily repetition of these affirmations have the power to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action, thereby transforming your habits, behavior, mental attitudes and reactions.

The very first thing you need to look at before creating your own personalized affirmations is to visualize your goal. Be specific and be sure to put in all the details – the outcome, the behaviors, attitudes and traits you would like to see yourself develop in order to get there.

Make sure to only use positive words and phrases when creating your personal affirmations , for example if trying to lose weight, don’t use the phrases I need to lose weight or I look fat instead say I am slim. Also, use the present tense because by doing so, you say things as if they are already true, and not as if you would like them to be true.

The skeptic in you could ask: can affirmations really make a difference in my life?

Listen to what your inner voice is telling yourself day after day. Is it the voice of Mr. Negative or Mr. Positive? Few people are as optimistic or positive as they should be. If Mr. Negative is more dominant than Mr. Positive, positive affirmations could be the way to reprogram your thinking and vanquish the negative patterns that have been holding you back from the success you hope to achieve.

I’ve put together 10 Daily Affirmations and the Success Mindset guide book and planner.  They are both available for download for free.  You have a choice to work on your mindset and take control of it. Most people don’t take that control.  They let their mindset just happen.  When you use these tools together, you are in control. It is NOT automatic.  It is a journey and a process that takes some time.  But with practice and intention, you can shift your mindset and shift your inner dialogue to a more positive one that results in a new success framework.

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Developing a success mindset can help your feelings of low self worth.  Pick up my guide to build your success mindset along with the comprehensive daily planner.  When you plan for success and work on success, your mindset shifts.  Low self worth is not possible with a success mindset or a growth mindset.

When you work on your own mindset, you will see a shift.

Download the guide today.  HERE

So, why does this matter?

It impacts your business.  You cannot create a successful business with a negative mindset.  A positive mindset affects outcomes, whether personal or business. When you decide to change your mindset, then you can change those outcomes.  You then are in control of your mindset and the results that you create with it.

Imagine the positive change you can effect with positive affirmations and and a success mindset.  And here is another opportunity for you to create this new vision – draw it, vision it, write it down to help you further bring it all into your reality.

It is living your life with intention and making changes that affect your outcomes.  You are the driver instead of just coasting along, letting it happen to you!

Let me know how it goes!

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