10 Self Worth Affirmations that Work

self worth affirmations
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10 Self Worth Affirmations that Work!

Every single morning, when you wake up and get out of bed, you are in a unique position to prove to yourself that you are endlessly worthy. You have this same potential each night before you go to bed, and all times in-between.

What I’m talking about are affirmations! Affirmations are small phrases that we say to ourselves over and over in the present tense. Your unconscious mind picks up on these affirmations, and sets to work making them become your reality!

Self Worth Affirmations can be anything you want to tell yourself that may not be true now, but that you want to be true.

Of course, by affirming these things you will be planting a seed that can grow, but it’s not going to happen magically, or without any action by you. Affirmations are a starting point that can make it easier to take those actions and do the things that will get you to your goals. If your goal is a greater sense of self-worth, you are in luck!

self worth affirmationsWe’ve put together ten self worth affirmations that we feel are best aimed at increasing and expanding your own sense of worthiness.

Practice these affirmations as-is – or tailor them so that they are personalized just for you – every morning and evening, at least.

Consistency is the key, so write them down and place them on your bedside table, or put them in the bathroom, so that you see them upon waking and just before retiring each night.

1. Today is full of opportunities, and I welcome each one!

2. I am worthy of unconditional love, and I am loved by many.

3. Only I have the power to change my life, and the beginning is today.

4. I am radiant health, boundless energy, unconditional love, and effortless abundance!

5. I am competent, confident, experienced, and talented!

6. I deserve endless abundance in all areas of my life.

7. I am grateful for [fill in the blank with your own words].

8. I am filled with positive thoughts and positive energy, inside and out.

9. I am guided by [God, Creator, Goddess – you choose what means the most to you], and they are with me here, now.

10. Today I will radiate positivity!

Remember that you must be consistent in order for these thoughts to stick … but when they do, you will see a vast difference in your outlook, your positive thoughts, and your increasing sense of self worth!

Download the affirmations with the Success Mindset book!!  All complimentary and inside the member’s area!!

These self worth affirmations can be part of your success mindset plan.  They are a great place to start!success mindset

Developing a success mindset can help your feelings of low self worth.  Pick up my guide to build your success mindset along with the comprehensive daily planner.  When you plan for success and work on success, your mindset shifts.  Low self worth is not possible with a success mindset or a growth mindset.

When you work on your own mindset, you will see a shift.

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When you start focusing, intentionally, on your mindset, your self worth you will find that you do get to choose it. You have the ability to shift it and take control and change the results.  Decide today to change low self worth. Don’t let it take control of your life.

Start with these 10 affirmations every morning.  Copy them into your journal or action guide.  I use colored markers and make them each dazzle a bit and sparkle!  Then when I am reading them — that extra pizzazz is also inspiring, motivating and gets the momentum going — first thing!  Yes, you can drink your coffee!
You can also copy them over and that puts them into your sub-conscious again — in a different way than just reading them does.  Speak them out loud.  Whatever you can do to embrace them and get your mind working on them.  Remember that your mind is powerful and it is working on whatever you put into it. So, if you are thinking NEGATIVE doubtful thoughts…. it’s working on that.

What self worth affirmations do you use??  Leave them in the comments below!!

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