3 Reasons to Know Your Life Purpose

Why Knowing Your Life Purpose is Important

life purpose

You might feel that holding down a job, getting ahead and taking care of your family is enough, without worrying about your life’s purpose.

But taking the time to work out your calling in life is not a luxury or escapism, it is important for helping you live a more meaningful and successful life.

Think about it. What do you want? Chances are you don’t want to be doing the same thing, facing the same issues, in twenty years’ time, right?

Humans are hard-wired to find purpose in what they’re doing.

They look for fulfillment in their lives. And finding your life purpose can help you define and achieve your life goals. Here are some good reasons to do the work and find your calling.

1. You will unlock your potential

I suspect you want to be your best possible you. How will you know who that person is and what they’re capable of unless you know your life purpose?

Discovering and aligning with your calling means you identify and build on your talents. What is your passion? What do you love doing? Chances are you’re already good at it.

Why not focus on your natural gifts and turn them into your greatest strengths?

2. You will create opportunities

By working out your life purpose, you open yourself to more opportunities than you could have imagined. When you begin living intentionally, you’ll find that your whole mindset changes. You see the right direction to take, and you allow synchronicity to work its magic.

If you feel doubtful about this, think back to times in your life where things just seemed to ‘fall into place’ or you were in the right place at the right time.

Practice saying yes to the things that feel good and see where that energy takes you.

3. You will have an impact on the world

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ That starts with deciding to find and align with your life’s purpose.

Choose to do what matters to you, what makes you feel good, and you will change things for the better.

In living a life aligned with your values and purpose, you can’t help but have a positive impact on the world whether it’s in your family, neighborhood or your city.

And in living your purpose you will be an inspiration to others, you will have started a chain of positive impacts!

Join the Purpose Project to really hone in on your life purpose! With a 7 part video training, guide and workbook, you will find great info for gaining focus. When you focus on your life purpose, you are in alignment with your values and your goals and vision are more likely to happen.

When you work outside of our values and vision, you can feel out of alignment.


Fulling your purpose can be elusive. The Purpose Project can help you to pull the pieces together and get started in a way that feels good and produces results for you.  Prioritizing YOU and your purpose can be the best step forward that you take!! Check out the program. If you have questions — reach out. Always here to support you on your journey!

Join the Purpose Project and dive deeper into figuring out YOUR life’s purpose.  What makes you dance?  What gets YOU into the flow?

Inside the purpose project you will find a beautiful guide book, checklist and video guided training.  It’s actually not training, but more of a process of looking at yourself, your passions and figuring out the answers for YOU.

The workbook helps you organize your thoughts, and really hone in on what matters for YOU.

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