The Purpose Project

knowing your purpose

Finding Your Purpose Is Your Greatest Journey

Do You Wonder What Your  True Purpose Is?

Do you ever get sidelined by distractions?

The Purpose Project is designed to help you figure it out, get focused or refocused, through a multi-media experience….

Purpose sounds BIG and it is a BIG idea.

It goes deeper than your goals and your mission, it is the core of why you do what you do. But for many of us, we are out there, spinning our wheels, making progress without a clear and compelling purpose.

Inside the Purpose Project I will guide you through finding and clarifying your Purpose!

Take the time to figure it out.

Believe me it’s worth the time.

Learn how to take your WILD idea and make it happen in our inspirational, motivational and hands on program!Inside you receive:

  • The Purpose Project Book & Workbook
  • 10 Video trainings to break it down
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Your Purpose Guides Your Life

Taking the time to figure out your purpose — gives you the guide for your life….

Imagine the Possibilities

When you figure out your purpose…. everything gets easier, makes more sense and starts working for you!

Get started today!


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Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Author

Donna Price is a strategist, working with entrepreneurs to increase profits using the 7 Profitability Accelerators. Create your system for success.

The Purpose Project


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