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Tracking Your Numbers…. Key

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Focusing on a successful list building campaign, you need to track your marketing strategy multiple times to glean more information. You will be unable to boost your conversion until you track your campaigns. To test and track your campaign, you need understand the idea. You need to track your programs and tactics, messages, contact frequency and spending levels to optimize your marketing strategy. Otherwise you are doing HOPE MARKETING and hoping it will work! Numbers tell you if it is or it is not.

Testing and tracking can increase your ROI. By tracking your campaigns, you will be able to know which campaign bring more traffic toward your website. You can also know from where your visitors are coming to your website such as advertisement, Search engine optimization, social media, blogs etc. By adding tracking code on every page of your website, you can get to know the page visits of visitors that don’t converted into your subscribers.

Mainly you need to track for optimizing your campaign, your results.

Number of MQLs (marketing qualified leads): Remember the quotes the money is in the list, you need to add quality leads in your list and eliminate bad leads from it.

Cost per MQL (marketing qualified leads): if you using list building for your marketing campaign. Be sure you are maximizing your leads and minimizing the cost per qualified leads. If you have a list of unqualified leads or not good leads, the size of that list is irrelevant. You can have a HUGE list that costs you money and does not make you a dime. It is worthless.

Cost per Sales or Accepted Opportunity: Examine all of the money spent and the resulting sales or accepted opportunity very carefully over a defined time period. You can have opt-ins for your free offer that later convert to your paid offer. You need this information to determine if the investment in the sales campaign for the free offer converts enough people to the paid offer.

First-Touch ROI (by program): The basic job of a list building marketer is to decide which particular campaign to be used. Your main objective should be to get the highest ROI for your business.

Multi-Touch ROI (by program): Some programs look to be result oriented as compared to the other available. They might not give the desired output in the first impression. Be very careful in deciding which particular campaigns you need to follow. However it does not mean they will not give results in the long run. So, don’t stop using them immediately.

You need to find-out which marketing tools works best for your list building campaign. Google AdWords? Webinars? Trade shows? Facebook Ads? LinkedIn Ads? Instagram Ads? Facebook LIVES …..To find out you need to track each campaign.

Campaign Source: You need to recognize and track your lead sources so you can optimize your ROI through your sales funnel. This means you need to understand where the lead is coming from and track the campaigns so that you can make this determination. Yes, everyone might end up on the same list. But YOU need to know if the Facebook Ads campaign has a different conversion rate from the Google Ads….and look at your spend for each campaign in comparison to your results.

Campaign Name: It enables you to distinguish among various campaigns to test different advertisements.

Campaign Medium: It defines the web pages or ads from where the visitors are redirected to your website such as pay-per-click, banner ad or email, search engine etc.

Tracking list history and sales funnel can optimize your business revenue. You can also test report and dashboards by having a clear idea of your funnel and stages according to leads, closed deals and revenue. You can segment your list on the basis of demographics, interest, and product to measure your success.

You can keep rectify your tactics time to time to get better results. You should measure your user responds such as automatic updates, individual manual updates and mass updates. Keep tracking of your opt-in rate, unique open rate, click thorough rate, email deliver success rate, subscribers, unsubscribes and lead conversions to evaluate your list building campaign.

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