Authenticity in Marketing

Do you have authenticity built into your marketing plan?

marketing authenticity

Marketing with authenticity brings your voice into your marketing strategies.

You are the leader of your business.  Your marketing should reflect YOU.  But it also needs to be real and authentic.  That in itself keeps you away from the slimy sales feeling that so many of us dislike.

Think about how to bring your unique voice into the marketing mix and shine a light on your business in a new way, that makes you stand out from the crowd and the noise. There is so much marketing out there, it is like everyone is screaming all the time and it overwhelms.

When you bring realness and value into your marketing, then you can stand out.  It is about making the sale, but first it is about the relationship. When you go straight for the close, you will turn people off.  When you provide value through your relationship, then people will be attracted to you.  That is much more powerful, than the other.  It is what each business strives for — a flood of new potential customers coming to them instead of trying to chase them down.
I am a relationship person.  I love working with people. I love seeing the light bulbs go off — the aha moments.. the shifts in their business outcomes and I LOVE celebrating successes! But now for the hate — I don’t like salesy.  Of course, I love customers — but chasing them down — just not my style.

That’s why value, value, value is so important.

When you can provide value, expertise and solutions for your prospects — without giving away the bank, then you are creating a system that is attractive to your potential customers. Then you are attracting new, excited customers!!

Think about what your authentic marketing would look like. Does it change what you are doing right now?  Would your results improve?  Leave a comment on what YOU think authenticity in your marketing would look like for your business!!

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