VWR – Monetizing Your Corporate Experience

Monetizing Your Corporate Experience by Starting A Consulting Business

Veronica Sagastume is a business strategist, CFO consultant, and all-around powerhouse with a passion for helping Corporate Accounting Professionals monetize their experience to start, run, and grow their own profitable consulting businesses.

After a 20 year corporate career as an accounting and finance executive in the San Francisco Bay Area, Veronica faced a personal life event which led her to make the bold decision to trade her corner office for a home office.

In 2011, Veronica left her CFO position to start her own consulting practice to work with startup companies. Fueled by her experience, Veronica skyrocketed her practice to quick success.

In 2016, she ventured online to teach other Accounting and Tax professionals how they, too, could use their expertise to make a greater impact, increase their freedom, while significantly increasing their earning potential.

Veronica has built a thriving consulting and coaching business from the comfort of her own home and is excited to share her journey.

Connect with Veronica at: https://www.veronicasagastume.com/

Pickup Veronica’s Top 10 Business Resources ebook – https://www.veronicasagastume.com/top10

Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide is available to download at: https://compassroseconsulting.com/field-guide

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