New Book Released!

The Adventures of Matilda & LuciLu — A Dream Trekker Adventure!!

Check out my new book release!!

During this new world pandemic order, I finished my young reader book!! The first in a series. Book two is underway and should come out by December! It’s a new book release like none before!!

New Book Released! 1

The Adventures of Matilda & LuciLu is a young reader and a fun adventure, but really anyone can read it!! It is exciting to see it in print and available on Kindle!!

So, let me tell you a bit about it…..

Is it a decision or does it just happen?

And the author is their brother, but we don’t know how he knows about the dreams or that they are trekking into them!

In this first book, they end up visiting their Dad’s parents. Both grandparents have been dead for many years, but yet, there they are in their living room, eating freshly baked cookies.

Two young girls discover that they don’t just have dreams at night, but they actually are in the dreams and they are real – like another dimension or timeline or…. Actually, that is part of the mystery. How do they do it and is it just one of them that can trek into the dream or can they both?

What books are you working on? And how does it feel to get your book done?

For me, this book was totally different. A totally new genre and market. It’s a part of my business as in any book can generate business income but it is different, in that it is not a training guide or business growth focused book. It’s a story.

In celebration, the book will be available for free download via Amazon Kindle starting on Sunday the September 20th!! Download your copy, read it and then leave a review!

Of course, it includes a few lessons and learning for young readers!!

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