Great Book Mock-Ups, But How?

I love my book mock-ups. I love having the 3-D versions of the book and then the images in different settings. But how? Where do I get them??

book mock-ups

Well, I have a secret source. And now, for the first time ever, I am revealing my source and giving you access. Yes, it’s an affiliate link. Yes, if you purchase through my link, I will make a bit of money. Not much, but a small referral fee. Yes, it is a GREAT tool.

Yes, it is easy to use. And Yes, you can use it for your books too!!!

I just upload my cover image and instantly, okay, almost instantly, I have over 600 different images that I can use in posts, ads, membership areas….. where ever I need them!!

Good news: you don’t need professional photographers and marketing experts to make your book stand out and increase the probability of sales by 60%. 

With MockupShots, you can put your book into over 600 different settings…in only 10 seconds. 

book mock-ups

Here’s even better news: for a short time, you can grab MockupShots at a huge Valentine’s Day discount. I want you to sell your book like crazy before Hearts’ Day, so I’ve convinced my friends over at Adazing to slash $118 off MockupShots’ original price (just for you).

So until next week only, you can get it at only $80 and take advantage of all the goodies proven to work for your holiday book promotions. 

Click here to grab it now!

I looked at other people’s mock-ups for years and wondered how they did it, until I found this tool. This made it so easy that I could suddenly create book mock-ups for my books and even can use for a group of three books.

Great Book Mock-Ups, But How? 1

Some of the book mock-ups are set in holiday settings expanding how they can be used.

Some are set with a person holding them, others are next to a computer, with a beautiful cup of coffee…. so many variations.

There are some I never use. Some, I love.

How can you use them?

You get unlimited books. So, you can use them for a special report like the Repurposing Your Content eBook or for a published book. It is up to YOU.

Great Book Mock-Ups, But How? 2

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