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What if you could be sure that all your marketing paid off?

Would you save money $$?

Sleep better at night??

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A marketing plan can change your business….

Shift your outcomes with a solid marketing plan.

Learn How to Create a Marketing Plan That Leads YouTowards Increased Sales and Profits

…..ALL the Time!

If you’ve been struggling with creating a marketing action plan that fuels your income, then you’re going to love what I have in store for you…

How to Easily Plan Your Programs, Content, & Promotions for The Entire Year (Even if You’ve Never Successfully Planned so Much as a Weekend Getaway)!

Get your next 12 months on the right track without stressing over every little to-do and how-to. I have the perfect system to help you plan your entire year and make it your best year yet!

Let’s be honest, building your business isn’t as easy you thought it would be. Chances are, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you never realized just how much content and marketing it takes to get visible online.

Then it hit you. If you want to show up in the search engines, lure in paying clients, and really turn your ideas into a profit – you must market yourself. And marketing takes effort, strategy, and implementation. So, let me ask you, have you been wondering… 

  • How can I drum up the consistency needed to deliver valuable content to my audience again and again?
  • How can I promote my paying offers, but more importantly when should I promote (and how can I avoid annoying my loyal fans with constant promos)?
  • When will I be able to turn my ideas into programs (and when will I find the TIME)?
  • How in the world can I fit all of this into one month, two months, three months… the entire year?
  • How can I clone myself so I can get more done with a plan that works for both my lifestyle and my business?
  • How can I make this year my most profitable year yet?

Here’s a little truth bomb:

You need a marketing action plan or nothing will get done.

You won’t have that consistency, and without that, you won’t have a profitable business either.

How about a strategic way to put all your ideas into action, for the ENTIRE YEAR…

You have to plan to make the most of your year!

You’re a gem in this industry, in case anyone hasn’t told you lately, but you must start planning better. Not only do your potential clients deserve consistency, but you deserve a rock-solid reputation and a strong business built on connecting with your audience.

Running your business on a mere whim only takes away from your skill set. Imagine if you could start hitting the publish button on your blogging platform. Imagine if you knew what emails to send and when. Imagine if you not only had the perfect plan in place for your entire business year, but one which you could pass on to your team to implement for you.

Business owners just like you are routinely paying thousands upon thousands to hire a professional to come in and help them create an editorial and marketing calendar, why do that – when I’ve got your solution right here?

How much time are you spending on marketing your business? Do you HAVE a Marketing Action Plan?

An hour a day?

A day a week?

80% of your time?

More importantly, do you know whether all those efforts are paying off?

You won’t have that consistency, and without that, you won’t have a profitable business either.

Most people think about their marketing based on:

What the latest hot tactic is, or

What they GUESSED worked in the past, or

What some guru is telling them they should do.

They’re just HOPING that their marketing will work, and to be honest, HOPE is not a good strategy for success.Some marketers create a plan, thinking that they’re being very strategic and professional.But then they have trouble following through.Sometimes, you just don’t know what worked and what didn’t.

If you don’t have a solid marketing plan, you’re probably throwing away your TIME and MONEY

The really successful marketers aren’t risk-takers. They know what’s going to work BEFORE they do it.

They plan out every part of their marketing so that they don’t waste their energy on things that don’t have a hope in succeeding.And when they do have a set-back, they know where and why.

Then they’re able to quickly turn on a dime, changing what they do so that their next steps lead to success.Even better, all their people know what to do too.

So, there’s no confusion. Nobody is doing rework because they didn’t ‘get it’ the first time.But where do you start

But where do you start?

I’ve put together a step-by-step course to guide you through the whole process.




PPlanning for


S Success

In MAPSS, I’m going to walk you through all the steps in building a marketing action plan that will practically GUARANTEE that your marketing efforts lead you to higher sales.

mapss workshop



PPlanning for


S Success

Here’s what you’ll be achieving by the end: 

  • Do the research that tells you just what your market wants and where to find them.
  • Set marketing goals that were meant to be achieved.
  • Put together a mix of different marketing tactics that cover every part of your business.
  • Draft a marketing budget, so you know exactly where to spend and how much.
  • Finally, put everything together into a calendar and plans that you know you can implement RIGHT NOW.

Want more specifics?


You’ll be getting…

  • A full Course Book covering all the details of how to build a successful Marketing Plan
  • A Workbook for completing activities
  • A Marketing Plan Template
  • A PowerPoint overview of your plan (great for presentations)
  • Graphics to help you remember what you learned
  • A Marketing Plan Checklist…..and all the guidance you need RIGHT NOW.

Our course takes the mystery and confusion out of creating professional marketing plans.

Your plan doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think!

Instead, you’ll walk through a clear formula that we’ve put together based on proven BEST PRACTICES.

Don’t waste another minute floundering around in the dark with your marketing.


In MAPSS, I’m going to walk you through all the steps in building a marketing action plan that will practically GUARANTEE that your marketing efforts lead you to higher sales.

Sign up for MAPSS and you’ll be off and running with marketing that you KNOW will work, in no time.

If you’ve ever wished for a magic wand that would allow you to…

  • Know which content to publish on your blog, in your email system, and on social media to get more visibility, book sessions, and seal the deal on your package offers
  • Have a plan that strategically works to grow your business, earn way more profits, and give you the time freedom lifestyle you’ve been searching for
  • Take your plan and pass it onto your team to implement for you, or if you’re running as a solopreneur – have a plan that can hold you accountable

…then you need a method that makes it super easy to plan your entire year without wasting hours trying to do it all by yourself or spending thousands of dollars on expert help.

If you’ve been tapping away at your desk, fiddling with your paper clip holder, and reaching for just one more cup of coffee to get you through trying to turn your ideas into a strategic plan – then this is the course for you!

Just imagine being able to easily… 

  • Deliver consistent content to your subscribers and create the know-like-trust-factor they need to invest in a business relationship with you
  • Have a stress-free publishing and promotional schedule, while never freaking out over what to do next to grow your business
  • Run your business on autopilot with a proven plan that gets you seen, attracts high-paying clients, and opens the doors to JV partnerships, speaking engagements and more

Because here’s the thing about being the CEO of your business:

Every marketing piece and plan falls to you… that is, unless you’re willing to hire an expert and pay them thousands to create all of this for you. But, why do that when the plan you need is staring you boldly in the face right now?It’s time to plan your year wisely, effectively, and time-efficiently so you can start engaging with your people instead of stressing out with all the behind the scenes happenings. Leave those tasks to your team!

It’s time to P-L-A-N and D-E-L-E-G-A-T-E.

Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar:

Plan Your Programs, Content, and Promotions for the Entire Year!

You’re a brilliant entrepreneur, and we both know it!

So isn’t it time to turn your brilliance into a money-making plan and leave the stressful task of running your business on a whim behind you forever?

This brand-new program will help you plan your entire year, get clarity on when you’ll launch your programs, deliver high-value content that builds relationships, and earn the money you deserve because this isn’t just any plan – it’s the most profitable planning system around.

Marketing planning workshop

Bonus #1: Work Smarter not Harder

If you’ve been spinning your business wheels for a long time, you may be starting to feel desperate for a change. Something, as they say, has got to give!

The good news is, this module will help you end those long days of working harder than you should, and instead help you start working smarter to fuel your business. What you need is that last, focused push to get you there, which is what we will work on first.

During Module 1, we’ll:

  • Fix the Leaks in Your Current Marketing Plan – We’ll look at all the progress you’ve made and create an actionable, strategic marketing plan to up level your business (and we’ll do it all without tearing your business down to the foundation and starting over—no one has time for that!)
  • Dig Into Your Financial Security – with 3 simple questions that will tell you at a glance where you need to focus your efforts.
  • Discover an Easy 4-Step Plan to Organize Your Days – Put an end to work stress once and for all with this simple tool.
  • Create Your Dream Work Schedule – No more working a 9-to-5 or a 9-to-9, together we’ll create a schedule that gives you the time and freedom you’ve been looking for (isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?)
  • Kick Time-Suckers to The Curb – Busy work isn’t profitable work, but it can be hard to know the difference. In module 1 we’ll get all your ducks in a row, and end the time-sucking business tasks so you can earn more of a profit.
  • Take Inventory of Your Resources – So you can finally take advantage of the content creation secret of top-earning Business Owners and service providers.Look at 4 Ways to Instantly Add Hours to Your Day – Including one most entrepreneurs avoid (but that they really need to do more of!)
  • Go From Chaos to Clarity – Your business can’t thrive in overwhelm, so we’ll trade it for a clearly driven plan that gives you your best year (just this piece alone can mean the difference between a profitable business and another stressful year).

Bonus #2: Plan Your Programs

It’s one thing to have a wonderful idea, but it’s a different ball game when it comes to putting your ideas into a program, and then offering it to the world.

During Module 2, we’ll cover… 

  • How to Plan Your Promotional Window – Knowing when to market your programs is the only way to convert and sell. We will nail every inch of this process down so you’re never again left wondering, “What should I promote now?”
  • How to Structure a Membership Program for Maximum Profits – Get this right, and your monthly income will be consistent and predictable, too!
  • 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Income – Implement just one of these for nearly instant results
  • 5 Simple Methods to Get Your Audience to Take Action – And not one of them involves a false scarcity timer on your sales page.
  • The Critical Act of Infusing Your Character – You’re not a generic entrepreneur and we’ll make sure your program offers are unique to you, your style, and your brand. Skip this and you risk looking like just another “me too” coach!
  • The Delicate Balancing Act of Choosing the Perfect Platform – Deliverability is essential for a course to run smoothly. We’ll choose wisely and help give your users a friendly experience so they come back for more—and keep your stress levels down, too!
  • The Ins and Outs of Running a High-Performance Team – Every task should not fall in your lap, but building a team can feel scary. This section takes away the stress of this critical business function so you can move on to more important things.

Bonus #3: Designing Your Programs

Like a styling pair of shoes, we’ll cover the core basics of how to identify your design techniques with your audience for a hot-selling program offer.

During Module 3, we’ll cover everything you need, including… 

  • How to Nail Your Brand – It’s not just about your style, and frankly, if you get this wrong, nothing else will work either. We’ll dig deep into branding in this section so you can build a solid foundation for the next steps.
  • 4 Must Have Elements of Every Great Program – Miss even one of these, and your promotions will fall far short of their potential.
  • 3 Elements of a Killer Product Title – Get this right, and your ideal client will know in an instant that she simply must have this program.
  • The Truth About Designing A Hot-Selling Offer – Look out world, we’re coming through! There’s more to it than just having a vision, but this module takes you by the hand so you can quickly create an irresistible offer your ideal client will LOVE.
  • Effective Team Management – Team support is essential for things to run smoothly, so even build a team, keeping them on task can be a whole new learning curve. Don’t skip this section if you want your business to run like a well-oiled machine.
  • The 2-Step, Dead Simple Product Planning System – If you can answer two questions, you can create an in-demand program.The Secret Sauce to Easier, More Effective Marketing – We all want to work less and earn more, and this section holds the key.
  • 5 Tools That Make Team and Project Management Easy – And 3 of them are FREE.

Bonus #4: Planning Promotions

Create a top-notch promotion plan and set your marketing in motion to get you sales. It’s time to lay out your promotions and marketing efforts, quickly and effectively.

Module 4 covers everything you need to know about planning your promotions wisely, including 

  • Why Getting Noticed = Getting Sales – And how to brand yourself and your business with authority and confidence so you can attract those sales. We will generate a buzz and connect with the right potential sharers, customers, and even JV partners.
  • The Right Way to Promote Your Sign-Up Incentive – Social interaction and email marketing go hand in hand. Put aside those tired old methods that don’t work, and adopt a new plan that’s proven to bring new subscribers into your funnel.
  • How to Manage Social Media Promotions without getting sucked into an all-day Facebook session.
  • 3 Ways to Promote Your Free Opt-Ins (and my favorite free tool that makes beautiful social designs easy).The Importance of Personality, Prizes and Parties – Even the most serious professionals will let their hair down a little and enjoy contests and giveaways, and you should, too! Here’s how to do it the right way, without overwhelming yourself or your audience.
  • 9 Proven (and Popular) Opt-In Incentives – don’t waste time and energy on what doesn’t work! Just pick one item from this list and start promoting.
  • 7 Ways to Build a Buzz and Get Your Audience Excited – This kind of pre-promotion is invaluable when it comes to your product launch, and any of these are easy and fun to do.
  • Planning Early for BIG Results – Know which promotional vehicles will work for you (and which ones to avoid) so you can easily create your amazing business year. And of course, we’ll give you the tools you need to repeat this profitable planning system year after year!

Become the Business Owner Who Knows How to Turn Her Ideas Into Plans and Her Plans into Profits

If you’re ready to grow your business to the next level, then you need a workable plan that’s easy for both you and your team to follow.

You need accountability, every single entrepreneur needs accountability, and every business needs a plan.

But, you must strategize wisely and the only way to do that is to use a proven system that works to get you seen, get you clients, and helps to get you paid in your industry.

This is your opportunity to start turning your ideas into a profitable plan and quit running your business on a whim. Creativity can be your best friend or your own worst enemy. It’s time to take your incredible creative ideas and put them into a systematic 12-month plan to help you deliver the content you need, promote when it’s best, and launch programs that sell out.

This course includes every step you need to take to make this year your best business year.

It’s time to put your big ideas into a custom-fit plan without having to stress over when, where, and how – ever again (at least not for the next 12 months)!

Quit spending all your time and energy trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of your business. This is your chance to run your business like a well-oiled machine that brings in massive profits.


action plan for week

Create a plan that works for YOUR business

A plan gives you the ability to track your results and determine what is and is not working!

P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

  • Four 60 minute Videos
  • A full Course Book covering all the details of how to build a successful Marketing Plan
  • A Workbook for completing activities
  • A Checklist
  • Action Plan
  • 3 Month Editorial Calendar….. and all the guidance you need
  • PLUS — >> 4 BONUS Videos

Our course takes the mystery and confusion out of creating professional marketing plans.

Your plan doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think!Instead, you’ll walk through a clear formula that we’ve put together based on proven BEST PRACTICES.

Don’t waste another minute floundering around in the dark with your marketing.




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