Building Your Marketing System

Why do you want and need a marketing system?

sales and marketing system

When you build a system that is YOURS, you KNOW that you have a way to increase your revenue easily and predictably.

A marketing system consistently:

  • Brings new and qualified leads (future buyers) into your business
  • Has a system for follow up and nurturing that helps YOU connect with your new leads and build the “know, like, trust” relationship
  • Uses calls to action wisely to bring people into your customer base.
  • Provides customer service that builds loyalty and repeat business.
  • Works easily and reliably so that you know what to expect for your growth each week or month.
  • Is trackable so that you can improve it when it is not working as well as you want or need it to.

So what does this really mean? Isn’t all marketing the same?

There are definitely marketing concepts that work across businesses and industries that you should be implementing in your business. But they can look different for different companies.

For instance, if you are a local boutique you need local traffic into your store. Can the Internet or social media help with that? Definitely. But you also need signage on your storefront, local ads with calls to action.

The biggest mistake I see is that people focus on getting buyers and that doesn’t work in a lot of industries. And the mistake is that they don’t get the person’s information or capture the lead! They have no way to follow up or continuing to build the relationship. The interaction is over.

This happens over and over. A business owner runs an ad — sending the lead to their BUY NOW button and they don’t buy, they bounce! But what if was a different call to action — an optin where the first step was a really valuable item at a low cost or no cost. Then you have the opportunity to continue marketing and building the “know, like, trust.”

So, whether you are a local shop or an online business — lead capture is key.

Lead capture or optins are different from followers or connections. When you build your email list — it is YOURS. When you have followers or connections or friends on a social media platform, they can definitely become buyers but they can also be taken away by the platform without your control. Moving people over to your email list is key.

What are the pieces of the marketing system?

  1. Being clear on your target market — who are you marketing to?
  2. Lead capture — having a way of capturing the information when someone connects with you.
  3. Follow-up – they say the money is in the follow-up and so many miss this opportunity to continue connecting.
  4. Presenting valuable offers — when you have done a good job of connecting with your target market, your service should be valuable to them. Building good offers that provide a ton of value are the offers that people will be interested in.
  5. Loyalty — everything you are doing up to this step is geared to help you in building loyalty. If you don’t have a good follow up system, you will lose customers and they won’t come back, because you are not telling them what you have to offer to them.

When you build YOUR system, you have the ability to predict your results. You can turn it on and off. Or up and down based on what you can handle.

When you have a working sales and marketing system — you can look at HOW to scale your business!! That’s exciting! Not everyone is doing that, because not everyone is building a system for their sales and marketing. If there is only one system that you are going to build in your business — this is the one!!

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