VWR – Tuning into Your Intuition with Liz Murdoch

Liz Murdoch, International Dog Communicator, has been talking to dogs most of her life. She discovered this special skill in kindergarten, and has honed it throughout her life, winning awards in dog training, becoming certified and working in animal assisted therapy in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in addition to earning a Master’s in International Education and Communication from Columbia University.

Liz Murdoch the dog whisperer

Liz has spent years developing educational programs for both adults and children, and is a veteran volunteer with animal rescue organizations.

Besides private consults with dogs and their people, Liz hosts the popular podcast, Talking with the dogs!™, and can also be found teaching and discussing dog care and communication on her YouTube Channel. She’s committed to training and supporting dog people develop greater connection and communication with their dogs, so they can live and work together in greater harmony and health, in and out of the doghouse.

Liz is available for private chat sessions, special events, and speaking engagements.

Liz’s company Talking with the dogs!™ has tips and strategies for talking with your dog.

But how does this relate to business?

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One, it is about a womanpreneur, who took her gift and created a business! But she also has lessons for you in following your vision, your dream and making it happen!!

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