Publishing Your Book, Your Business Card

publishing your bookPublishing Your Book can be a great addition to your marketing strategy!

Publishing Your Book just makes sense!

Everyone, yes everyone has a story! And as a business owner you also have expertise!

You might think that you are SELLING a service or a product, but you are also selling YOU!

Your story, your expertise, your knowledge and experience, all make a difference in your business.  Imagine, an electrician that knows nothing about electrical.  Would you hire him or her? I know I wouldn’t.  That is exactly what I mean. YOU — >> are an expert in your field.

You need to shine a light on that and a book is one of the best ways to do that!

Adding a book to your marketing plan gives you credibility beyond an article or a report.

It gives YOU a book that you can have on your counter, for sale or as a give away to your new prospects.

With the advent of the Internet — you can also use it as a business building tool via e-books.

Publishing Your Book Can Be Your Best Business Card!!

Self Publishing makes sense for many business owners because you retain control of your book and you can use it more easily with event planners, as give-aways and business builders.  Self Publishing is easy and you can get your book into the hands of your prospects in less than 90 days or even 60 or even 30!!  But the most important step is to get STARTED!!

The Book Writing Publishing and Marketing Workshop can be the answer to getting started with your next book!!publishing your book

Self guided with some coaching!!

Watch the videos, download the workbooks, checklists and start creating your book.

I will show you HOW to find the right topic, create your book outline and start writing your book. Scared of writing? Don’t worry, I have some easy ways to write your book, that can be done without YOU writing a word!! And it will still be YOUR book!

Once you have a book written — then we move on to publishing!  And then finally on to marketing!  It takes all three pieces for it to work.

Learn more about the Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Workshop HERE

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