Promoting Your Content

Promoting Your Content for Free Traffic

While you may understand the importance of publishing fresh content to your website regularly.

Do you actually make an effort to promote these posts?

While this may seem like such a simple step, it is one that many blog owners overlook.

promoting content
Content is a great strategy for your website. Don’t underestimate it’s value and don’t forget to share your content.

After you have created and published your new blog post it takes only seconds to share it. You can share your post on places like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Medium, Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your own content and it can help increase your traffic.

You can use a plugin on your WordPress Site to do this.  I use  Blog2Social.  Jetpack also has a sharing plugin as part of it.  You can also search for a plugin that works well for you. I see your blog as your content HUB.  You publish your valuable content there, then syndicate it out to your social media and bring traffic back to your HUB.

When people come back to your blog, then they can see your other offers. BUT, you can also include a call to action in your blog post itself.  You will see one at the bottom of this post to download our content idea generation guide.  What can your offer be?

Email Your List:

Another item that you may have overlooked is letting your mailing list know about your new post.
You can either link to it in the main body of your email. Or you can add it as a P.S. at the end of your email.

Believe me these tactics work, so start adding them into your marketing tactics today.

You may want to encourage your readers to share your email, another great traffic generating technique.

Content includes more than just written words and text. (Check out my book on Content Repurposing)

Don’t forget that every image, photo or video you create is also considered content.

Always link back to your website with all of these forms of content. When posting photos and images add your website URL to it, as well as writing out a short description.


Videos are a great way to create content as well as to drive traffic. With your videos always link to your website first, then let your viewers know what your video is about. By linking, adding descriptions and tags your content will get picked up by the search engines.  This blog post links back to our videos and those YouTube videos link back to this post as well.

When this happens they will get indexed and ranked for any keywords that you have included.

This serves to help push your website higher in the search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that when you rank higher, your page will be shown to more people.

This creates fresh traffic to your site regularly. What this also means is that each piece of content is viewed separately by the search engines. So just going back into an older post and adding a photo or video and updating it can help.

You don’t necessarily have to create a long written post each time.

Posting your content on a regular basis is another way to ensure your flow of traffic doesn’t slow down.

Stick to a posting schedule that is easy for you to achieve.

Optimize each post using a plugin.  I use Rank Math.  I have also used Yoast SEO and All-in-one-SEO.  Pick one and use it on every single post.  Most plugins give you feedback on how well optimized your content is.  If it is not well optimized, that feedback prompts you to fix it!

Have fun creating content and know that each piece will help bring new visitors to your site.


Promoting Your Content 1

Pick up the Content Repurposing Guide and learn how to use your content in multiple ways!!

When you repurpose content then you can reach more people.

Content is a trust builder. You are sharing YOU, your expertise, your credibility, it all shines through in your content.

From guides, to e-books, to videos, webinars, etc… it all contributes to your process.

You can access the guide and video here –>> HERE

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