The Eight Profitability AcceleratorS

The Eight Profitability AcceleratorS 1

There are 8 profitability accelerators that we track.

The Eight Profitability AcceleratorS 2

Every business needs each of these and when we focus on these conversions, the impact on the revenue is tremendous. Just increasing each of these accelerators by 10% can nearly double your profits.

So, every other week, we join together and create the strategy for your business. Traffic your business is different from traffic for another.

What is a profitability accelerator call?

Profitability accelerator calls are focused every other week on the different profitability accelerators and building strategies and tactics to increase your results.

Bizology GROUP provides every member with access to weekly calls — Profitability Accelerator calls and then Make it Happen calls.

Bizology is being rebuilt and the CORE program is there to access immediately!!

Additional courses are included with CORE.

Spending every Tuesday with me, can totally transform your business. We focus, we act and we track it all.

The Eight Profitability AcceleratorS 3

It’s all about conversions!! You have to know what is working and what is not. If you do not track, you will not see the results and be able to tweak what is not working!!

The Eight Profitability AcceleratorS 4

The cycle goes round and round. We cycle through all of the accelerators every 14 weeks. We don’t try to rush, we focus. One at a time and then we act!

The Make it Happen call is designed to give every one a chance to review their action plan and how it is working!! Then you can make changes if needed, more forward, take action.

makeithappen calls

Everyone gets a chance to share what they are doing and what is and is not working. But the real power of the call is that when you show up, you increase the action that you are taking. You get ideas from the other people on the call and that action — it changes your business!!

Bizology Memberships offer three levels of support. GROUP and ONE include these weekly calls.

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