Organizing and Planning a Successful Webinar

How to Organize Your First Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a great way to hold meetings off site but they’re also a great way to promote your products, services, and offerings. A webinar is a way to present your products and services without having you or the participants leave home by using specific webinar or conferencing technology.

Webinars are effective because no one has to get on an airplane, so there is no expensive traveling or hotel stays or worry about organizing around food or the comfort of your guests. Instead, with an online webinar you can concern yourself with the content of your webinar presentation and let the guests watch and participate from the comfort of their home.

Important aspects to think about during webinar planning:

Choose your topic– You should at least create an outline at this point of what you want to present the attendees at your webinar. Know what you will present and also what your call to action will be. You can hash it out as time goes on, but have an outline and decide how many people should be presenters and how many people you want to allow to attend.

Choose your presenters — Know who will be your presenters, if there will be more than one presenter, or just you — this is important information to have before choosing technology. Know how long each participant will have to present, making sure they know the time limit, and format, and whether they are allowed to sell or only point to their website for more information.

Choose your technology — Once you know your topic and how many presenters you will have then you will need some web conferencing software which is technology that allows you to have live meetings over the Internet. Your attendees and presenters will log into a secure URL to participate. Some examples are:

o GoToMeeting

o WebEx

o Adobe Acrobat Connect

o Mega Meeting

o Skype

o Megameeting

o and more

Practice makes perfect — Once you have settled on the technology that you will use, practice using it until the day of the webinar. You do not want to try using it the first time the night of the event. Each software is different so you want to be comfortable with your choice. If you do practice you might find that you change your choice of software as you go along.

Make sure that you have practiced possible issues such as guests not being able to sign in, speakers having trouble signing in, sound issues and more. You need to know whether using wireless causes issues and which browser work best with your software of choice this is all in addition to practicing the art of presenting.

Choose marketing channels — Each of your participants should market this webinar through their own lists, put it in their contracts. You should market via your lists too. Start marketing as soon as you have chosen your technology so that people have a chance to read about your event several times. Some possible ways to market are:

o Email Lists

o Article Marketing

o Press Releases

o Pay Per Click

o Traditional Advertising

As you see there is a lot to think about when planning and organizing a webinar to promote your products or services but the benefits will pay off in the end.


Get started putting together your first webinar.

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