Making Things Happen

Making Things Happen 1Strategic planning can be the key to making things happen.  So, what is a good strategic plan?

Good strategic plans are concise, clear and compelling.

They don’t take days and weeks or months to put together.  While many people can be involved in creating an effective strategic plan, they can still be developed efficiently.

Good plans focus on the most important goals for moving the organization towards its vision.

I started my business in 2003.  I came out of the non profit world and had spent most of my career working with people on achieving their goals.  Since the age of 14 I worked with people with disabilities and their families, primarily in group homes. But, I also worked in sheltered workshops, employment programs…etc.

As a staff member, I was always envious of the group that gathered to support an individual in their life plan and goals.  It just seemed incredible to have a group of people sitting together brainstorming how to achieve the goals that the individual was setting.  I always wondered what would that be like!?!

Well, here we are and mastermind groups and coaching groups are common and highly successful for their members.  They can transform your results.

When I first started my company, I connected with Best Year Yet™, a strategic planning process.  It was an incredible fit for me and my company.

With Best Year Yet — you can create a strategic plan that is highly effective, powerful and alive. Well, let’s be honest.  It only works if YOU make it work.  But doing that is easy. I use Best Year Yet in my company, and with most of my clients.

Best Year Yet is central to my Womenpreneurs Growth Group and all of the work that I do with clients.

The workshop is in person or online and is a half day to full day based on the size of the group.

What I love about groups coming together to create their strategic plan is that they learn from and benefit from others in the group. The power of that collaboration and inspiration is incredible. There is no way to really measure the true value of it.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving your vision and goals — is two fold:

Mindset and Implementation.

I see people almost daily — that are getting in their own way.  Best Year Yet helps to change this mindset. It is the most challenging part of the workshop.

I love this part! Why?? Well, it is transformative.  When an individual figures out WHY they aren’t getting the results they WANT and NEED, then you are able to shift your mindset and step out of your own way.  It is almost magical sometimes!!

The other challenge is implementation!!

Many, many people set goals and then FAIL to implement.

Again, creating a plan is not enough. BUT having an way to implement that plan, is crucial. Best Year Yet helps people to do just that.

The combination is powerful.

Making Things Happen 2

When you join a mastermind group that has a strategic plan at its center, then you have increased your implementation and your results.  Telling people what you are going to do and then returning to the group the following month to report back, that is powerful! When I first started my business I was on a webinar with Mark Victor Hansen ( The Chicken Soup for the Soul guy).  He was talking about his mastermind group.  He said that he had found that if he hadn’t done what he said he was going to do, that he would scramble the day before to get everything done, because he didn’t want to show up and say he didn’t do it.  That is what happens.  Maybe that first month, you are scrambling, but after that you are working your plan every day.  You are learning new habits and making things happen.  One, because you wrote your plan down and two, because you told other people that you would implement and take action. That is powerful.

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Let me know what you are doing for strategic planning and your goal tracking.

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