Does Coaching Work? NO!

does coaching work
does coaching work

Does Coaching Work?


Coaching does not work!

YOU work!

If you hire a coach and you show up for calls or meetings and you do nothing…. then coaching will not work.  It is up to YOU to make coaching work!  You have to take action to make it work.

A strategic plan without action, a vision, without action, will not work!  You are the key to making a plan work for your business.

Without YOU, there is no chance that it will work.

Coaches do not do the work for you.  Coaches do not make YOU do the work.  Coaches challenge you, hold you accountable and help you figure out WHY you are not doing the work, but they cannot make you do it.

Coaches are your ally. They help you to generate new ideas, innovations, new strategies. Coaches give you resources to teach you HOW to do something, or point you to the expert that can help you.

BUT, you are the key to making your business work, every single day!

You can invest in coaching. You can do nothing. You can blame the coach. You can blame the industry.  But really, it is YOU that has to do it.

I’ve created a powerful coaching program that really helps you start building momentum.  It takes my unlimited coaching program and turns it into a fast paced, laser focused coaching program called: Make It Happen, UNLIMITED Laser Coaching!!

Unlimited Laser Coaching is fast — it is a 15 minute session, focused on YOUR action plan.

It is unlimited…. you can schedule your next call AS SOON as you have completed your action plan.  That builds in momentum.

It is innovative — in that it pairs fast action and fast coaching and creates incredible results for people, because, suddenly, you are focused, you are in massive action, you are seeing change, you have new results, you are in action more….. and the momentum keeps building and building.

Apply today for Unlimited Laser Coaching — SEE the DETAILS

Unlimited Laser Coaching is 15 minutes long.  You schedule each session as soon as you complete your action plan.  You could schedule multiple sessions in a week.  It gets you moving into action.  You send your results to your coach, so that you both can use the 15 minute call as efficiently as possible.

Unlimited Laser Coaching

  • Unlimited 15 Minute Make It Happen Laser Coaching
  • Schedule Your Call
  • 15 Minutes of Laser Coaching
  • Receive the call recording and your action plan
  • Complete your action plan
  • Book your next session

laser coaching

Yes, that is Unlimited Laser Coaching

We get started right away

  • 30 Minute Quick Start Call
  • Clarify Goals
  • Biggest Challenge
  • What keeps you up at night
  • The results you want, that you don’t have
  • The results you have that you don’t want
  • Your line in the sand
  • Next Actions

Every 90 days

30 Minute Marketing Blue Print Review

  • Review Progress
  • Set the Plan
  • Measure Progress
  • Next Actions

This is NOT for:

  • People who are NOT totally committed to their business and building success
  • People who are afraid to make it happen
  • Anyone that is NOT serious about growing their business to 6 figures in the next 12 months
  • People that are bouncing from one strategy to another and not making anything work for them.
  • The Ideal Client

Who is this for?

  • You want to fix the problem NOW and are willing to make that investment in yourself.
  • You are committed to taking action.
  • You are serious about getting results.
  • You want to get results now.
  • And want to have some fun creating the most incredible business they imagined…

The Ideal Client

The Make It Happen Laser Coaching program is the right place for a business that has stopped growing or is stuck or has a bigger vision than where they are right now!!

Decide Today to Change Your Results!!

  • Successful Applicants will get full Unlimited Coaching at a discount, saving thousands per year and they can lock that price point in for the future….

Unlimited means that you can schedule more than one call per week.
Unlimited means that you will receive a 30 minute action plan call and…
Unlimited means that you will receive a Quarterly 30 minute action plan check-in call

Making It Happen

Make It Happen Unlimited Laser Coaching!

Join Today and reserve your seat!!

Once inside the member’s area, you receive immediate access to my laser coaching calendar in order to schedule YOUR first session. That can be 15 minutes or 30 minutes! You receive a 30 minute session in your first 30 days, but some people want to do a quick 15 minute get oriented call, spend some time preparing for the longer call and do it within the next week! The choice is yours.

You will also receive access to resources. They are not all available immediately! But as we talk, I will give you access to what you need in order to do your homework.

This coaching is up to YOU!!

We spend 15 minutes together, you leave the call with an action plan. Complete the action plan and schedule your next call. No action? No calls!! It’s that simple. I spend time with action takers! The people that want to Make it Happen!!

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