The Profitability Audit

The Profitability Audit is my strategic coaching call that provides YOU with a wealth of coaching for just $10.

I have tried the free consult, free discovery call…. and found that when you put a $10 bill on the table, then it has MORE value to YOU and the strategic call happens!

“Skin in the game” as they say!!

So, let’s get together and assess YOUR business. I will provide you lots of resources for the assessment and spend 30 minutes with you coaching you. PURE coaching. And you can leave the call with a profitability blueprint to increase YOUR profits in the next 30 days.

If you find the call is valuable to you I will invite you to join my program and share information with you about the program.

If at 30 minutes, you find you have received great value and don’t need additional info, we will part as friends with well wishes for each other.

I cannot do the BIG sales push. It is totally YOUR choice to work with me and learn from the program that I have been using for years to help small business leaders build their business.

If you are looking for a pushy sales call, this is not it!

This a value focused coaching call — focused on you, your business and your profitability.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Donna Price, Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant Author

Donna Price is a strategist, working with entrepreneurs to increase profits using the 7 Profitability Accelerators. Create your system for success.

Profitability Audit


Once you have purchased your profitability audit ticket, you will have access to my calendar to schedule your call.

The call is a 30 minute call.

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Access the DIY Marketing Assessment

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