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Your Vision, Your Dream, Your Action Plan

Will each take you into a future that YOU create. It’s not the law of attraction, it is YOU that visions, dreams and makes it happen.

Join the EnVision 2021 workshop to jump start the year in a good direction for your business, your life.

You can create the future that you want.

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January 19th 2021 7:00 PM

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3 Simple Morning Routines

simple morning routinesSimple Morning Routines to Start Your Day with Purpose

How often do you groan when the alarm goes off?

You hit the snooze button and repeat until it’s essential you must get up. Now you’re running late, grab a coffee, stagger out of the door still yawning, skip breakfast and start the day feeling rushed and resentful?

Or perhaps you begin your day scrolling through emails and social media before you even get out of bed, so your mind is distracted from the get-go.

There are some simple things you can do to start the day calmly, mindfully and purposefully before you reach for your cell phone. Try these three techniques to get your day off to a better start.

1. Breathe mindfully and connect to your inner self

Before you get out of bed, before you even open your eyes, take a few moments to focus your breathing and connect deeply to your inner self.

Take three long deep breaths through your nose, gently and slowly breathing out through your mouth. Then return your breath to its normal pattern, noticing the breath, and the rise and fall of your chest and belly as you breathe.

2. Bring to mind your intention for the day

How do you want to feel? What state of mind will support you best? How will you choose to connect with others?

Resolve to check in with your intention during the day and adjust your mindset and behavior accordingly. What impact do you want to have in the world today?

How can you take the best care of yourself as you go about your daily business?

Set a simple intention for how you want to be in your day. Make it a positive, straightforward statement. I can be as simple as Today I want to be kind to myself and others or Today I will stay calm and grounded. Make it appropriate for where you’re at and what you have to do.

3. Hydrate — NOT just coffee!!

You know you need to drink more water. Make it easier on yourself by starting the day with a big glass of water, before coffee, before breakfast, before exercise.

You can keep a water glass or bottle on your night table so you can start the day as you mean to go on – well hydrated! Follow your first glass with another before you have your coffee.

Make your second glass an Ayurvedic drink of warm water with lemon. That is a traditional way of giving you a boost of Vitamin C, detoxing and stimulating your metabolism.

Create your daily practice to maximize your day!

Pick up my guide to meditation — another daily practice that can help your results within The Purpose Project!!

Adding meditation to your daily practice gives you a few moments or minutes of completely private mindfulness time.

It is a time to quiet your mind, take a break and rest from your go, go, go life. Slow it down and rest.  No, it’s not about sleeping… it is about awake mindful rest.

I always thought that meditation seemed too hard. How do you quiet your mind?  But the guide gives you some real world ways to spend just 10 minutes per day meditating.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be simple.

Check it out: HERE

purpose project, lifes purpose

Join the Purpose Project and dive deeper into figuring out YOUR life’s purpose.  What makes you dance?  What gets YOU into the flow?

Inside the purpose project you will find a beautiful guide book, checklist and video guided training.  It’s actually not training, but more of a process of looking at yourself, your passions and figuring out the answers for YOU.

The workbook helps you organize your thoughts, and really hone in on what matters for YOU.

Check it out: HERE

Can You Make It? EnVision 2021

EnVision 2021 is coming up on Tuesday!!

envision 2021

Are you ready to enVision a better year?

Join me for a powerful webinar where I will share with you — HOW to create your powerful vision for the upcoming year!!

Learn how you can create your dream board and gain access to the BIG REVEAL in February.

I believe that it all starts with vision, with the dream. And then it takes action!

But if you don’t spend time each year, looking at your vision, revising it, updating it, re-doing it then you have no direction for the upcoming year!!

How do you create strategy?

How do you create meaningful goals?

It takes a clear and compelling vision, first! Then you can create the map to get there!

Register today for the webinar — EnVision 2021. — CLICK HERE to register

Last year was a challenge — at best. For some, for many, it was a disaster. Let’s kick off 2021 with a new vision, a new focus, a new inspiring direction!

What does a clear compelling vision do for your business?

It gives it clarity!

It provides direction.

It brings your entire team together!

Vision is NOT just an activity to complete, it is the foundation of your operations.

EnVision 2021 and then Make It Happen

envision 2021

Do you do New Year’s resolutions? I personally gave them up.  I just feel like they don’t work for me.  And for the people I work with, I see people giving them up by March at the latest. Usually by the end of January they are fading a way.

Instead, I spend time visioning, dreaming and creating.  I use dream boards or vision boards as the the foundation.  I believe that it starts with vision.  Without a dream or a vision or an idea of WHAT you are creating, it is impossible to actually get there, because where are you going??  Vision is the destination.

EnVisioning gets you focused, inspired and then moves YOU into action!

Join me for EnVision 2021 — next Tuesday at 7:00 EST.

During the workshop — I will share with you the visioning process and how to get your dream board made and use it to inspire greater and greater success for 2021.

Visioning can give you the inspiration that you need to stay focused. Learn how to use the dream board to stay on track, and make your dreams your reality.

They don’t just happen. There is no magic but there is a REAL way to make them happen.

EnVision 2021

Join the EnVision 2021 Workshop to kick off your year with a clear and compelling vision based on your dreams!!

Creating your new vision and dreams for 2021 is the first step in setting good strategy.

Join the visioning workshop to kickstart your year. This is NOT resolutions, this is revisiting your vision or setting a new vision and then creating the strategies to make it happen.

Author, coach, mentor, Chief Visionary Womanpreneur, Donna Lynn Price, guides you through her visioning process. Spend an hour with Donna, getting excited, getting inspired, getting ready for creating an incredible 2021.

With 30 minutes set aside for sharing, visioning and Q & A.

envision 2021

Receive an incredible coupon to Donna’s Dream Board Project — video course on building your dream board for 2021 and gain access to the BIG Reveal — where you can share your dream and vision for 2021. In Donna’s book, Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen — she talks about the power of sharing YOUR dream and vision.

Receive a FREE copy of the downloadable Launching Your Dreams: Making Wild Ideas Happen — just for attending!

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Jan 19, 2021
7:00 PM — EST

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3 Top Ways to Know You’ve Entered the Wrong Career

Being in the wrong career path can lead anyone to feel jaded about their job and become unhappier at work in general. Identifying when you’re in the wrong career should be the priority of any employee, as not leaving a job that is a bad fit can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and mental state. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to determine if you are in the wrong career path and, should any of the signs be spotted, steps need to be taken to get out of the bad career match while you can.

1. Your Job is Too Easy

There is a difference between being good at your job and the job being too easy. Your career should challenge you and use all of your skills, but if you are able to do your work with minimal effort or thinking, it’s likely that you are in the wrong career path. Maybe you feel as if the skills you spent years developing aren’t being used. If that’s the case, consider looking into a new career path that may use some, or all, of those skills.

Though, don’t quit your job straight away if you find yourself in this position. It’s important to put a plan in place before making such a leap. In conjunction with your current job, consider acquiring additional education and obtaining an online degree via a trade school. Trade schools use specialized courses to train students for specific careers, rather than broadly assigning a major to that graduate.

For example, General Assembly is a popular option that offers courses ranging from UX design to software development. If your job is too easy for you, it may be worth pursuing a career path that stretches your skills and challenges you.

2. You’re Just Not Interested in Your Work

Similar to your job being too easy, a lack of passion in your job is a great sign that you are in the wrong career. There are a number of reasons you may have lost interest in your job, as covered by recent studies. From your efforts not being appreciated to personal problems affecting your work, there is a myriad of reasons you may not be interested in your job.

To figure out if a career path is actually right for you, it is important to do adequate research before actually applying to a position. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a potential interviewer and ask why they should hire you. Look beyond mere qualifications such as education or experience and dive deeper to see if you hold a passion for that career path which is unrivaled by the competition.

Keep in mind that no job will hold your attention every second of the day, but it isn’t difficult to find a career that will keep you interested throughout the day. Your job will make up a large part of your life and it should be a path that you are interested in and genuinely enjoy working in. Not being interested in your job is one of the fastest ways to become burnt-out and should be considered when looking at career paths.

3. New Fields Interest You

We’ve all been in the position where a fascinating new job opens up at the company and you can’t stop thinking about the unique things those employees are working on. However, if it seems like every other job is more interesting than the one you hold now, it is possible you have a bad career match on your hands.

There isn’t anything wrong with becoming fascinated by another career path, but an obsession with jobs besides your own, perhaps manifesting as you constantly searching for new jobs, is a major sign that it’s time to consider a career switch. Look into what career paths are available to you with whatever  college degree level you hold and see if anything catches your eye.


There are a number of reasons you may have ended up in the wrong career. Coming out of college you may have accepted the first job thrown your way or perhaps you just thought you knew what you were getting into and were wrong. Regardless of the specific reason, there is no valid reason to stay in a career that is a bad match for you. Even if you are earning a large salary, you are more prone to becoming burnt-out at a faster rate than any other employee because you don’t actually enjoy what you do. Don’t settle for a career that doesn’t suit your interests when you have the ability to pursue any path you desire.

4 Top Ways to Affirm Success

Affirm Success to Yourself and Accelerate that very success!!

affirm success

Affirmations, also called self-talk, personal reminders or self-suggestions, are absolutely essential in building positive attitudes and confidence in our own capabilities. A positive affirmation must contain the following key ingredients :

* Positive words and phrases

* In the first person and the present tense (I am )

* Is specific about what you want to be (to have, to do, etc.)

An example of a positive affirmation is I am a positive, optimistic thinker or I am the top salesman.

You can start harnessing the transformative powers of positive affirmations by applying the following guidelines:

1. Replace the Negative with the Positive

The very environment that we live in tends to drag us down with its constant negativity. But the moment that you start using positive affirmations, you can choose to banish negativity and start adopting the positive attitudes which will propel you towards success. Using affirmations is critical in developing the self-motivation that can make our goals and dreams into realities

2.  Modify your Thinking

Your mind believes what you tell it. Reprogram your subconscious mind by using positive affirmations and watch your conscious mind transform it into positive action. You essentially become the person you have affirmed yourself to be.

3. Personalize Your Own Affirmations

First you need to think about what you want to achieve. Be specific about what you want to be, to do, to have and so on and so forth. Then, with your answer in mind, create your own affirmation in the first person and present tense. This creates concrete, tangible goals which give you a direction in which to work towards.

4. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

In order for your affirmations to be effective, you must repeat them to yourself daily with attention, conviction, interest and desire. Writing them down on post-its which can be placed in places where you can frequently see them (fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.) is also a good way to remind yourself of them.

Wondering what a Success Mindset is?
Tired of watching everyone else succeed while you fail?

Your Mindset May Be Keeping You from Achieving Your Dreams.

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Transform Your Mindset So You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Creating a Success Mindset might seem baffling. But I assure you there is a purpose!!

success mindset

Have you ever wondered why success comes so naturally to some while others struggle every step of the way? I’ll tell you, it’s not because the highly successful people have a higher IQ, more wealth or more support. It’s because they have the right mindset.

That’s right. If you were to study successful people, you’d find the one thing they have in common is a growth mindset. It’s what sets them apart from the rest.

The good news is people aren’t born with this growth mindset, they develop it through practice… and you can too!

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