4 Ways Money Can Fulfill Your Purpose

fulfill your purpose

Can You Fulfill Your Purpose with Money?

You might think the words ‘money,’ and ‘purpose’ shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

After all, isn’t money the root of all evil? And it has become a common assumption that anyone living a good and authentic life shouldn’t be interested in money or wealth or possessions.

But what if you re-framed your ideas about money to see it as another tool?

Money is energy. If you use money to do good, that energy flows back to you. If you use money to do bad, well that’s coming back right at you too.  Be intentional with your actions and your money!

Another resource to draw on to achieve your life’s mission? How would that feel?

Consider the 4 ways to shift your money mindset.

1. Define your true goals

What do you want to do with your life? Chances are, it isn’t taking on a lifetime of debt to have a bigger and better car or house than everyone else.

Do you want to make art? Write? Develop a healing and wellness business? Run guided tours to exotic places? What will make your heart sing?

Designing your life to fulfill your purpose can change the entire direction of your life, your career, your business.

2. What do you need to reach your true goals — to fulfill your purpose?

Set aside your fears of what people might say and think about what you need to make your purposeful life a reality.

What skills and resources can you draw on that already exist? What do you need to learn or buy before you can start?

It could be as basic as accounting software to support your new business or networking conferences or commissioning a website.

Money is an essential tool that enables you to get what you need to reach your goals.

3. Reject the notion of self-denial

The old image of the artist suffering in the garret is outdated and never really held much water.

Did you know that when Michelangelo died, he left a large fortune? And Leonardo da Vinci became a wealthy man.

There’s no need to punish yourself for living the life you want. But you do need to be realistic about the income necessary to keep you fed, clothed and housed.

There’s no shame in being able to provide for your own needs and your family’s needs. If art is your passion, do it.  You can make art a business.  But you have to decide if you want your art to be your money.

4. Redefine what money means to you.

Think of money as a possibility, a means of opening doors, creating new ventures. Even if you don’t want to give up your day job, you can have a positive impact on the world in how you choose to spend your money.

As well as supporting local and international charities, you can choose environmentally responsible energy sources and food suppliers. Buy local and support your town’s businesses and artists.

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, a healer or mindful purchaser and donor, money can be a powerful tool for you to have a positive impact on the world.

If you have a money mindset that says money is bad, then you need to do some real work to shift that mindset.  Use your journal, do some tapping, re-write your money mindset.

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