3 Ways to Get Corporate Sponsors

corporate sponsors
corporate sponsors

Corporate Sponsors HOW-TO Tutorial

So You Want a Corporate Sponsors– Here’s How

Let’s say you’re a budding athlete, with top ranking and stats as a tennis player. You have what it takes to become a world-class sports player in your field but have limited amount in terms of funds. The answer, as most would suggest, is to get corporate sponsors

As sports are one of the major kinds of areas that corporations use as a market for brand exposure, you’d think that sponsorship would be a cinch. The case is that it’s not. Obtaining a corporate sponsorship is not as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Reaching your dreams as a world-class tennis player, aside from the skill and talent, also needs a little tinkering in selling yourself.

First, Get noticed

How exactly can you put your skills and talents out there in the market for potential sponsors? Below are the ways:

1. The right kind of resume

As with every type of job, building a resume is an important part in getting employers to notice you. This is the same with corporate sponsors and the type of athlete they are looking for. The amount of hard work, training, way of playing will be the pinnacle points that sponsors will look for.

The package in which you come in is very important and the only way to be considered is that if your accomplishments are worthy of review and consideration.

2. Depend on yourself to do your advertising

Nothing comes easy, and this includes wanting a sponsorship. You have to earn what you want, and having to be your own agent is a crucial step. Depending on someone else to do your contacting will not result in the way you want to be exposed and seen.

Get in touch with companies, write sponsorship letters and invite them to see you play. These are the ways you should use to get their attention.

When a company sees the dedication and amount of perseverance one takes in wanting a sponsorship, it won’t be long before they offer it you themselves.

It is in this area that you will learn how to face rejection and deal with issues that address your ability as an athlete. Don’t forget to always be positive in all dealings. Starting out is always the hard part, and once this obstacle is overcome, everything else will be a breeze at doing.

3. Act as your ambassador

Let’s say you’ve landed a small sponsorship and received a small amount of support. This is good as that sponsorship often starts small. It is important to remember that keeping an A is easier than earning an A. This also applies to sponsorship. Once you have a sponsor, you want to work hard to keep the sponsor.

Always keep in touch with your sponsor, letting them in on updates regarding your training and athletic status is very good. Through this practice, doors of bigger sponsorship opportunities will open because the closer you bring yourself to your sponsors, the bigger the chance for more lucrative support.

4. Always challenge yourself

It is not only through contact and appeal that makes sponsor continue and offer support and backup. It is also through your performance as an athlete that ultimately will bring in the big bucks. Always upping your game to become better and eventually number one is an important aspect in all sponsorships.
The need to be on top, and the need to be ambitious helps you to maintain the sponsorship. Sponsoring someone with that kind of attitude, talent and skills is a perfect equation of give-and-take between sponsors and sponsees.

So, how does this translate into business?  Can a small business obtain a corporate sponsors?

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