3 List building Strategies Facilitated with Social Media

social media marketingList building facilitated with social media

Searching for new and interactive methods to build your list, you can opt for Social Media as a powerful tool. Social media is one of the prime channels to connect with your audience and boost your message to get qualified leads.

To run a successful list building campaign, you need to be providing real value for your target market, addressing their problems or pain.

You can also motivate your audience to share promotion messages on their timeline, pages and groups by offering them something exclusive and opportunities for co-creation authorship. Make a careful choice of the social network, where you can state your story in the best possible manner with a compelling offer.

There are various social media platforms that can support your list building goals:

You can make use of refer a friend, sweepstakes, polls and voting and flash deals to gather more leads. Here are most popular social media platforms that boost your leads

marketing plan1. List Building with Facebook:

Facebook has the largest user database than any other social networks, so you must make your existence known there. To generate quality leads on Facebook, you need

* A compelling message.

* Eye catching visuals.

* Mass audience appeal and share-ability.

* A clear CTA. (not to your BIG brochure website but to a targeted landing page!)

Facebook news feed helps you to find out whether the post is exhibited on users news feed which is essential for list building. Promoted Posts can boost your list building campaign and capture your followers by using paid promotion with your top posts having a strong call to action.

Facebook Ads are highly targeted to extend you potential customer reach. If you are utilizing paid promotion and sponsored stories, you can opt for custom audiences. You can customize your audience according to email address, Facebook user ID, phone number, geo location, demographics, education and interests etc.

You can test and track your Facebook list building campaign engagement via page and post like, shares, comments and post reach. Thus you can leverage your list building campaign and increase your ROI with Facebook.

2. List Building with Twitter:

Twitter is a vital social media platform that helps businesses to build a list. It provide a real time engagement with your customers.

Promoted tweets is a paid advertising method that arrive in users feed. You can build curiosity by telling them about your new content assets, upcoming events and demos etc. Each tweet have an included opt-in form, so it enhance the chances of getting leads. You can target your tweets according to user interest, demographics, location and device etc.

Twitter also provides two types of ad options

* Promoted Accounts ads allows businesses to create their twitter account and register that page under the Who to follow to target similar advertiser and industry leaders.

* Promoted Trends allow you to advertise a specific trend or hashtag which displays on the left side of a users screen, under Trends.

Twitter lead generation cards enable you to gather the leads directly from twitter. You can track your results to identify the opportunity to engage.

LinkedIn is great platform for networking to build connection and generate leads with paid promotions. LinkedIn facilitates to enhance your business connections.

Your company page can tell about your product and services and business to your audience. You can modify and add tabs like Products, Insights etc. on your company page. You can daily update with a post on your Company’s LinkedIn profile. You can include video on your product pages for further engagement.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updated are paid advertising with status update. You can include and exclude your audience on the basis of geographic location, demographics, job title, skills and LinkedIn groups etc.

LinkedIn ads provide a chance to target your audience in an effective and unique way. You can customize your advertisements with text only ads, image ads and video ads. According to LinkedIn, adding an image to your ad can bring you 20% more clicks.

Several other social networks are there to help you such as Google+, Slideshare, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Creating a marketing plan that works is most likely going to include social media. But it needs, it must be done right!!

Learn more with my Content Repurposing Guide:

3 List building Strategies Facilitated with Social Media 1

This guide will give you Quick Tips for
for creating a content marketing strategy. Using your content only once is cumbersome. It means that you are constantly creating new content. But when you repurpose your content, then you are able to maximize its reach and its power.

Content Repurposing is central to an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Can content be a marketing strategy? YES!! Definitely! Content educates your prospect, your leads about YOU, your organization and what you have to offer. It is a pre-seller to your services.

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