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Creating a Powerful Communications Plan

Communications Planning Communication is a key to business.  Making Powerful Communications a focus can impact your results. –>> Sales is communications. –>> Donors come from communications. –>> Clients sign up because of communications. –>> Users join because of communications. Whether you are a small business or a non-profit organization or a HUGE corporation, having a solid, thoughtful powerful communications plan can… Read More »Creating a Powerful Communications Plan

What is email marketing exactly?

Can Email Marketing help your business? Are you using Email Marketing as a business growth strategy? Email marketing is a critical part of your marketing plan. Whenever you are advertising, you need to be directing those people to your LIST, not your product, not your big brochure website (where they will get lost), but to your list. The LIST, is… Read More »What is email marketing exactly?

Email Marketing — Is It for YOU?

Is Email Marketing for you? IF SO — Which Email Marketing Provider is RIGHT for YOU? I was recently talking with a client that had just switched his email marketing provider.  It baffled me.  His company — a new start-up with NO email list.  We had set up Mailchimp for him.  It is a great program for new companies.  It… Read More »Email Marketing — Is It for YOU?