What is email marketing exactly?

email marketingCan Email Marketing help your business?

Are you using Email Marketing as a business growth strategy?

Email marketing is a critical part of your marketing plan. Whenever you are advertising, you need to be directing those people to your LIST, not your product, not your big brochure website (where they will get lost), but to your list.

The LIST, is your email list!

Now that you have the person’s name and email, you can begin to build a relationship with them through your auto-responder.  The auto-responder is part of your email marketing program.

So, let’s break it down a bit.

You have a program — that you want people to BUY.  You create an FREE offer related to that program.  You advertise the FREE offer and send people to that landing page and they opt-in because YOU have a solution that they want and NEED.

Now, you have their name and email.  You can start building a relationship. Think of that opt-in as your first hand-shake.  Now, you need to have a cup of tea.  You can do this virtually, through your email.  Do it day by day.  Sharing valuable information.  Serving the new prospect.  And then making an offer.  Definitely, let people know HOW they can work with you.

Do it automatically through your email marketing. Build your sales funnel into your email.  Yes, it can include a meeting. Yes, it can include person to person contact.  But email marketing  is how you start building rapport and keep building it over time.

Don’t Make THIS Marketing Mistake!

Imagine, you go straight for the sale.  The person looks at what you are selling and decides, NO, it’s not for me, right now! They leave. You have lost the sale then and in the future.  What if “right now” is in two weeks? or six months? or five years? Don’t YOU want to be in their in-box?  When you build the relationship with the prospect over time…. via email, when they are ready to BUY, you are their “go to person”!! You are top of mind! You are the expert!  You have been providing them with valuable information and they have been getting to know YOU better and better.

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But maybe you’re wondering if you can really do this with email?  The answer is simply — >> YES!

I know that YOU are probably on a couple of email lists. I know that I am on MANY.  You read some, you delete others.  But you keep seeing those names over and over again in your in-box.  You are starting to feel familiar with the sender.  They are nurturing the relationship with you. They are building rapport and expertise with you.

They have established themselves with you and they have an opportunity now to show you an offer.

This is the power of email marketing.

Perhaps you are also wondering whether people buy from people that they meet via email and online marketing.

Again, the answer is YES!  Every day.  That is exactly why people are emailing you!  They do it because it works!  They know that when they email you consistently and establish a relationship with you, that a certain percentage of the time, people will buy.  That makes it worth the time to craft emails for relationship building and eventually add in compelling offers.

No matter what type of business you are running, email can help your business grow.  From pizza parlors to dress shops to chiropractors to online businesses.  Every business has information to share that can help their business.  Change your menu? Let people know!  New inventory at the dress shop — invite your customers and prospects in to see it.  Specialize in a certain type of injury — let people know how chiropractics can help them.

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