Five Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Sales

Five Strategies Guaranteed To Increase Sales!


The most vital skill you  need as an entrepreneur is your ability to sell. Just because you have a great product or service is not enough.  In fact, it may sit on your shelf for years if you don’t have the ability or skills to sell it.  Selling is what ensures your success as an entrepreneur and the vitality of your business.


Here are 5 effective techniques for increasing your sales:


  1. USE YOUR PHONE – The phone is the most cost effective and efficient method for finding new customers. Yes, we’re talking —  “cold-calling”.  It can be one of the hardest strategies to get started and one of the most fun once you get going.
    1. Write out a script for your calls and practice
    2. Briefly introduce yourself, your company, the purpose of the call, and share a short benefit or answer the “What’s in it for them” question.
    3. Be pleasant, brief, and on your point.
    4. Plan for objections and have a strategy to address them.  Identify at least 7 objections you might hear and create your script for them.. By planning ahead you are ready for each objection.
    5.  Your goal is not to “sell” but to schedule a meeting or another action that you have pre-identified.  Don’t “wing” these calls.  Have a plan and a purpose.


  1. BE AN EXPERT – As an entrepreneur you are always looking for new customers.  Being an expert at seminars, speaking, teaching, trade shows, writing articles or appearing on radio shows are all ways to “show your stuff” and build your credibility as an expert.  People are more likely to buy from an expert. Toastmasters is a great resource for developing your speaking skills. 


  1. LISTEN MORE/TALK LESS – Most salespeople talk, talk, and then talk some more – all in trying to make the sale.  You need to listen, to hear the “pain”, so that you know how you can address the pain.  Find out what the person’s goals, and challenges are.  When you solve a problem, you have just found a customer.



  1. AVOID “PRODUCT DUMPING” – When you “dump” your products or services on people that don’t need/want them it is a short sale. You might make the sale but you will lose credibility and the possibility of a long term client and future sales. Remember – nothing adds more to your credibility than a referral from a satisfied prospect.


  1. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR NUMBERS – Selling is a numbers game, and you need to learn your “selling ratios.” This means know the number of prospecting calls you make each day and how many calls it takes to get a meeting.  The next step is to know how many meetings it takes to make the sale.  This gives you the ability to predict your sales to a certain extent. allows you to manage your cash flow by forecasting your sales. It also tells you how many calls are needed to increase your sales revenue.

Selling is one of those essential and challenging areas of business ownership.  And, it is totally achievable.  By using these simple strategies you can increase your sales.  Take each one and use it consistently for the next 30 days and assess the changes that happen within your business.

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