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Humans will always make mistakes. The keys to overcoming your mistakes are to:

• Learn the mistakes.
• Know what you did incorrectly.
• Accept that you made a mistake.
• Use the mistake to better yourself and your business.

Not until you are willing to embrace those things, will you be ready to find out the hidden treasures that can be found when mistakes are made.

As a business owner, you know all about mistakes. You made little ones as you got started. For some, too many mistakes and they find that the business life is not for them. And, maybe it isn’t.

Being in business for yourself requires a thick skin. You will have customers that are impossible to please, competition that seems to outdo you at every turn and unsuccessful marketing strategies. But, you live and learn. You will only be able to continue building your business if you have the right attitude – a positive one.

Turn your mistakes into big money.

It is human nature not to want to feel isolated. That extends to the business world. A business owner, who is brave enough to point out the mistakes they have made and how they learned from them, will have a following among other entrepreneurs. You can take that on the lecture circuit and gain a wide audience.

Networking is a part of doing business.

Your connections can be helpful when sales are slow or when you are looking to put together a new business venture. Targeting budding businesses with your brand of sage advice is one way to turn a negative into a positive.

What about customers? Maybe you hired someone who wasn’t the best at customer service. Every business owner knows that poor customer service can break a business. Instead of sitting back and brooding about your misfortune, take action.

Use this opportunity to revamp your customer service policy. That employee may be better in another area of your business. This may be the time to automate your customer service with autoresponder messages, a FAQ section on your website or an answering service.

Challenges force you to take a look at your business. Is there a way to improve an existing process? Of course there is. Use a mistake such as sending the wrong product or a failed online checkout process to make changes that will increase sales in the future.

What sets you apart?

You are willing to learn from mistakes (by using suggestions like those above) to continue to move forward in your business pursuits instead of leaning on them like crutches. Excuses rarely accomplish anything good. Mistakes can sour your mood. Shake it off and find out what you can learn from them to make your business a success.

MSI — It is the heart of success

I have talked several times about the Multiple Streams of Income Mindset.  On vacation, I read (finally) The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.  I highly recommend it.  I have ordered several of his other books.  It is one of those books that has been by my bedside for quite some time. In looking at how to build wealth Kiyosaki talks about investing, building a business and also the viability of network marketing.  One of the important qualifiers of a business was that it was a system, that works with or without you, the owner.  I know many of us are building businesses, but can we really leave them, alone for months, or a year and still have them working for us?

That is my new goal, to look at my business and determine how to build it so that it is viable with or with out me.  I am also continuing to build my other streams of revenue through network marketing.  I am using SendOutCards more and more.  It is such a fun program.  I send cards, gifts and stay in touch better with my friends, family and contacts than I ever did before.  I have set a new goal of sending out 10 cards each week.  I am also building a team of people that want to increase their income and at the same time stay in touch.  Let me share some of the ways that I am using SendOutCards:

  • I am bad with birthdays but SendOutCards has reminders.  I have used it to send cards and gifts to nieces, nephews and friends.
  • I have set up campaigns ( series of cards that go out automatically) for my business – to stay in touch with new contacts.
  • I have set up websites to tell people about the opportunity and share the possibilities of generating new and additional income
  • I work with people to integrate SendOutCards into their life and business so that it works for them in a couple of ways.

The other venture that we are a part of is a travel business.  You can become a preferred customer and book travel with us, or you can join our DreamTrips program that offers exclusive trips and significantly discounted prices or you can join our team and be part of our travel business.  It is fun, and travel is a GROWING industry.  I share our sites with folks and I receive rave reviews on our travel booking engine.

After reading Kiyosaki’s book, I knew that being a part of successful network marketing was a good choice.  That we are part of a group of people that are focused on building wealth and learning how to do it successfully, and that we can help other people to do the same thing.

I continue to work as a coach with clients and groups, and I continue to offer a variety of services to entrepreneurs.  I love that work.  But I see the importance, especially in this economy of aligning with like minded people, building success and wealth in a number of ways and living our dreams.

Biz Building Camp

The Bizology.Biz Overview!  And Camp Info #1.

Procrastination: The Enemy of Success

Do you put off your work for later, only to find your deadlines steadily creeping in? Then you, my friend, are one of the millions of people afflicted by the procrastination virus. Procrastination is the biggest reason for loss of productivity and late output. Though many would not admit it, they would benefit greatly if they start their work on time.

For many people, putting off their work for later is more habit than desire. It can be so hard to get into a groove where starting your tasks in a timely fashion is a priority, especially if the consequences for being late are things that one can probably bear.

If you are one of these people, yet you desire to shake off your propensity for procrastination, then you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you overcome this dilemma and become a more productive and reliable person.

1. Set schedules – It is very important that you have a list of activities to accomplish per day. This will help you realistically budget your time and resources. One of the cardinal sins people commit in regards to performing their tasks is to put off their work because they feel like there is so much time left. A journal, organizer, or calendar of events will help you plan and schedule your task so that you can start them promptly and finish them on time.

2. Save the Vacation for Later – Many people put their work off for later saying, “I’ll just have a little fun then buckle down to work later.” While it may be true that they may have more than enough time to accomplish their tasks, it would be better if they finished their work first and relax afterwards. Vacations are important, vital, in fact. But you can vacation with much more ease when you have completed your work!!

Wouldn’t relaxation be sweeter if it were after a taxing job? If you choose to lay back and relax before doing your tasks, you will be more prone to burnout and will have nothing exciting left to look forward to after accomplishing a task. It is always better to have slack period AFTER a job than before one, especially considering that people are wont to overusing their slack time. This is suicide if you are heading towards a deadline.

3. Never Underestimate Your Tasks – Sometimes procrastination sets in because people underestimate the resources, difficulty, and time spent for a particular task. They will usually say, “It’s just mowing the lawn, its easy; I could do it in a jiffy.” The problem is, no matter how trivial the task, it still takes time and resources to accomplish. If you underestimate a task, you will most likely set too little time to do it and schedule it too close to its deadline.

4. Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Comfortable Doing Nothing – It would definitely help if you kept a subconscious alarm whenever you are doing nothing. Get this alarm to remind you of things that may need to be done. This will help you foster the notion that jobs accomplished now means more time for relaxation later. However, even if this is the case, do not forget to put ample time in for rest and to remove all thoughts of troubles before hitting the sack. The trick here, however, is not to overdo you rest. There is a difference between resting and idling. Always set the right amount of time for rest and stick to that schedule.

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I have found an incredible tool for your business.

This is an incredible video producing tool. It is so easy to use. And it is available to you, for free.
I have tested it already and found it easy to use. It also has the capability of creating a squeeze page for you — but not just any squeeze page but a video squeeze. I am putting the finishing touches on mine tomorrow ( I want to re-record the video and am not dressed for it right now!!) But my first test page was easy to do. The comprehensive features are incredible. Watch the video below and check back for my article updates about it!!

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Biz Building Camp

Biz Building Camp is launching this September.  I will taking a small group of entrepreneurs that are committed and dedicated to their businesses, and guiding them through the comprehensive Bizology.Biz program.  The program, soon to be published, is a complete business building system.  Participants will learn new techniques and strategies for building their businesses AND they will leave the camp with a comprehensive ACTION plan.  This camp is not about sitting around and lounging.  It is all about action.  While we will talk about vision, the real work is in the strategy and the action planning.

I created this program based on the work that I was doing in my own business and with clients.  The program is designed for small business owners that are doing alot of the work themselves and want to work in more efficient ways but also are looking for better results.

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Growing Your Twitter Followers

I am participating in an 8 week Social Networking/Media  course with (@selfgrowthnow).  The last two sessions have been all about Twitter.  I am actively working on growing my Twitter following.  Some of what I am gaining is:

Twitter does work for brick and mortor businesses
Tweets should be all about value and content and limited on promotion
Engage with Followers
Pariticpate live regularly

Another tool that I am using to build my network on Twitter is:

I also have just started playing with, which gives you the ability to create a 12 second video and tweet it. I was amazed to receive a phone call from someone that saw my 12 second video, went to my website and gave a call.

Very cool!!

What tools are you finding effective?


As you have seen, I am having a great time making short videos and sharing them online, and with my list. I found an incredible site where I can record my videos and use them on YouTube, or other video sites easily. I can also use templates and drop them into to the template. I’m working on my first one now!!

It is easy. If you are considering video marketing this program is user friendly. In fact it is novice friendly.

Try it out. It is absolutely free!!

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Let me know what you think!!

Land Mine Action

Last night a small group of friends gathered at our house for our 5th Annual fundrasier for Clear Path International. Clear Path works in several countries, clearing land mines and providing assistance to those affected by mines and ordinances. We were blessed to be given a preview of a new documentary being filmed in Vietnam. It remains unbelievable that many people continue to be injured, maimed and killed by land mines left behind in Vietnam and Cambodia.

The dinner was inspriational as we introduced the dinner to new people and raised awareness. We also brainstormed new ways to reach out to more people. With a class president in attendance, our eyes were opened at the possiblities of working with youth groups.

What is important is that we can each take signifcant actions within our groups and communiities that make a difference. Even if it is a small difference it is important work.

I would love to hear how you are working in the world to make a difference.

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