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What Happens When You Put Off Leadership Development?

Is Leadership Development a Luxury or Necessity? Leadership development appears to be one of those luxury items, something that the company can live without.  And it is, or is it?  What happens when you have leaders that need to develop good skills and the resources are just not invested?  Employees these days are not willing to work in poor work… Read More »What Happens When You Put Off Leadership Development?

Leadership Development: A Process

Leadership Development Process: Assess – Develop – Practice – Refine Leadership Development is a lifelong process: an endeavor that takes courage and commitment, an awareness of oneself and the need to foster one’s own skills.  The process of development is a cycle of continuous, lifelong learning.  Leaders that choose to take on the challenge of leadership and their own personal… Read More »Leadership Development: A Process

Leadership- A Key to Business Success

Leadership is Essential In history students learn about the activities, good and bad, that individual historians label as  a good leader and leadership. We study their personalities to extract the qualities required for leadership.  Experts argue if leaders are made or born. I think it’s some of both, based on situations and the individual.  You can teach someone to lead… Read More »Leadership- A Key to Business Success

Leadership Navigator Radio: Screaming Employees

Handling Screaming Employees November 8, 2012 at Noon EST Leadership Navigator Radio Do you have employees that are out and out fighting with each other at work?  Yelling, screaming, not getting along or perhaps has difficult relationships with their supervisor? Conflicts in the workplace happen frequently and the fallout can be costly to the employer and the employee.  Developing the… Read More »Leadership Navigator Radio: Screaming Employees

Holiday Leadership Lessons: Share Your Gifts

The Little Drummer Boy: All Gifts Are to Be Honored Even if you haven’t seen the animated special, you’ve probably heard the story or the song. But here’s a recap if you’re unaware: The three Wise Men and the shepherds are heading to see the Baby Jesus, and the little drummer boy comes along for the ride. He is embarrassed… Read More »Holiday Leadership Lessons: Share Your Gifts

Holiday Leadership Lessons: Spirit is Contagious

Holiday Leadership Lessons from the Movies: Elf: Enthusiasm Is Contagious Take a six-foot tall adopted elf named Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) who wants to find his birth father, make that father the prickly James Caan, and throw them together  in the midst of New York City and see what happens. Buddy wants a warm and cuddly family reunion; his… Read More »Holiday Leadership Lessons: Spirit is Contagious

Holiday Leadership Lessons: It's a Wonderful Life…

Special Leadership Lessons from Holiday Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life: Never Underestimate the Power of Tribes One of the most memorable Christmas movies of all time is Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring the incomparable Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. It’s the ultimate feel-good movie, perfect for anyone who’s ever wondered if their life holds meaning. Here’s the lowdown:… Read More »Holiday Leadership Lessons: It's a Wonderful Life…

A Bully in the Manager’s Office

Bullies Live In The Manager’s Office Too Bullies don’t just exist on the playground.  They also sit in the manager’s chair or the CEO’s office.  Bully leadership is sharp, authoritative, angry, and feels uncomfortable to those in contact with it. Bully leaders believe that they are rallying the troops, getting everyone on board.  But that is not what happens.  The… Read More »A Bully in the Manager’s Office