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Video is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can use. It is one of the ways that you can add a personal touch to your marketing especially if you decide to do As talking videos of yourself or key people within your organization.  Video is the second biggest search and when you add video to your website or your blog site your rankings can increase more quickly.

It is not, however, as simple as adding one or two videos. There is a system to video marketing and a way in which to use video to your real advantage. Learn more about video marketing with my introductory report and guide.  Video Marketing Secrets will get you started.


Video Marketing Ranks Your Site Quality SEO Strategy

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Page Rank is BIG goal for your Internet Presence — if it isn’t it should be!! You don’t just want to be in the top 10 pages you want to be on page ONE!

Video is one of THE most powerful strategies for getting you there!

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Yes, there are lots of video making programs!

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This software makes ranking easier! We already know that YouTube is one the most searched sites. And video and YouTube channels can rank really really well.

They can also be a great way to backlink to your site if you set everything up right. Video CAN get your site onto page ONE of Google searches.

As you probably already know SEO changes constantly. It is hard to keep up with all of the changes, and what helped your site rank last week is probably changing this week.

Hydravid maximizes your work with multiplying effects. It gets your videos out there in minutes. and goes further than you or I would go if we were submitting videos manually. We just do NOT have the time.

Video is gaining traction and becoming a more and more powerful strategy.

And this software capitalizes on this, and then BOOSTS those results.
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Uploading a video to YouTube is simple. Marketers use that strategy to gain traffic, backlinks and ultimately sales. But… for most people – that is where they stop and it simply isn’t enough. Not enough ‘eyeballs’ on your videos not enough traffic to the sites and when it is all said and done… not enough sales of any kind.


That is where Hydravid takes over. In the same time it takes you to upload ONE video to YouTube Hydravid will take that result and multiply it out – unlimited times. AND – tap into the HUGE reserve of traffic and people, that YouTube uploaders are missing out on.
Hydravid can support your business whether you are an online business or offline business. You know that you need to have an online presence and video is a key part of every marketing strategy.

Video Marketing is so effective. You don’t want to miss out on how it can change your business.

Video Marketing Software IMPROVES Your Results

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Video Marketing WORKS – Plain and Simple

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Uploading a video to YouTube is simple.  Marketers use that strategy to gain traffic, backlinks  and ultimately sales.  But… for most people – that is where they stop and it simply isn’t enough.  Not enough ‘eyeballs’ on your videos not enough traffic to the sites and when it is all said and done… not enough sales of any kind.
That is where Hydravid takes over. In the same time it takes you to upload ONE video to YouTube Hydravid will take that result and multiply it out – unlimited times. AND – tap into the HUGE reserve of traffic and people, that YouTube uploaders are missing out on.
Hydravid can support your business whether you are an online business or offline business.  You know that you need to have an online presence and video is a key part of every marketing strategy.

Generating new leads for your business online can be helped with video marketing.

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Video Marketing is so effective.  You don’t want to miss out on how it can change your business.


Coaching Bizology Offers Special Video Conference

Are you using video marketing in your business?  Business Success Coach, Donna Price, is.  She is showing off her suite of tools that she uses in her business.  Join her for a special video conference on December 14th at 8:00 PM for the Ulimate Video Toolbox Conference.  Turn on your webcam and join the video conference.

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Video Marketing

A few months ago I changed several business services that I used to buy into one that provided everything I needed and more. As a business coach, I have been doing video marketing for quite some time. I have a comprehensive video marketing plan that includes video distribution, video email and video blogging and video webinars. I was paying quite a bit of money for several different services to accomplish all of this. I as paying close to $200 for all of these services. Then I was invited to join Talk Fusion by another business coach.

I found that Talk Fusion saved me money — over $150 per month!!! AND, I was able to offer it to others and make money as another stream of income. But what it does for my coaching business is give me a video marketing platform that is all in one place. Video conferencing, video email, video auto-responders, video blogging and the Fusion Wall, as well as video bookmarking.

The programs are constantly being refined and improved.

If you have a business that uses video conferencing, you might want to look at Talk Fusion.

Imagine, as a coach, you can create a video coaching auto-responder. That means your email automatically goes out to your clients or leads and delivers an email video that is branded to you and your company. You can tell when someone watches it and you can then follow up if that is the next step on your process.

Or, you can create a Fusion Wall with a group of specific videos that are keyword targeted to increase your video views and leads.

Or, you can use video emails as a key follow up strategy for your business networking.

The possibilities are endless. Video marketing isn’t just a fly by night fad. It is a real world marketing strategy that every business can use.

BizologyBuzz Radio: Guerrilla Marketing Girl — Pattie Simone

BizologyBuzz Radio

Inside Tips from a Guerrilla Girl: 

How to Work Thrifty On- and Offline Channels to Market Yourself, Books, Business, Products or Services with Pattie Simone.

Pattie Simone is a Viral Activist, Vlogger and Small Business Expert & Advocate. She started her first company (an upscale mini-department store) in 1988 and is currently founder of – a global online directory & self-promotion source for professional women, including experts, entrepreneurs, authors, activists, artists, academics and speakers. Pattie has appeared on MSNBC, ABC and FOX 5 TV and her practical articles & video interviews have been published in Entrepreneur Media,,, The Hudson Valley Business Journal,, etc. Pattie has also been quoted on The Wall Street Journal Report on WCBS Newsradio, MORE Magazine, The Hudson Valley Business Journal, the Rockland Journal News, The Bergen Record, etc.

Pattie’s frank behavioral insight and dot-connecting capabilities have invigorated new media campaigns and sales for numerous small to mid-sized companies. As a speaker, her keynotes and workshops have informed and inspired diverse audiences in America and abroad. Follow her @PattieSimone; see Pattie’s business event and news videos on FlipReportExpertsnAuthors and WomenCentric. To invigorate your sales channels call 845-362-7880

October 4th, 2011 at: 12 NOON EST

We will delve into the Guerrilla Marketing Techniques that can work both online and offline for your business, your book, yourself.  Join the conversation.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (718) 664-6194 The live, Internet talk radio show will stream from the host page at:

Video Marketing

Videos have become a highly searched medium on the Internet.  With the advent of hand held video cameras and web cams, video marketing is very easy.  As a result, videos can increase your web presence and business results.

But there is more to video marketing than just YouTube.  With video email, video conferencing, video blogging and video auto-responders videos can become a tool that is used in a multitude of ways.

Here are a handful of ways to increase your web presence and connect more with your prospects:

1. Use branded video email to connect with prospects or to follow up after a meeting.

2. Create video coaching or information series for your prospects.

3. Convert your content into video format and share on video sites, via email, via video newsletter and blog.

4. Create a Video Blog.

Videos can be easily created without high priced equipment.  Video lets your prospects see you, assess your ability to connect with them.  It increases your rapport and relationship with a prospect.

Learn more about how to market your business using Video!!


YouTube Success Learn HOW to use video marketing effectively in your business. Two part webinar series.

Using Online Video Websites to Promote Your Business

Are you a small business owner?  If so, how is your business doing?  Despite businesses that are a success, there are many business owners who want more.  If you are one of those individuals, it is likely that you would do just about anything in your power to improve your business, especially if you sell a particular product or service. When working to improve their businesses, many business owners spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars on advertising.  How would you feel if you learned that there was a free way that you could promote your business?

A free way to promote your business?  Unfortunately, many business owners believe that there is no such thing.  If by chance it is believed, there are many who would automatically assume that it was a wasted effort. Although many free advertising methods can be deemed time consuming and not worth the effort, there is one that you should try. That method involves the internet and free online video websites.

If you are an avid internet user, there is a good chance that you are fully aware of what free online video websites are and what they do.  If not, you will want to learn.  Free online video websites are websites that allow internet users to watch videos that are hosted on their website, free of charge. What is nice about free online video websites is that most will also allow internet users, just like you, to make, upload, and share their own videos.  Depending on the type of business you own and operate, you may be able to use these websites to your advantage.

When it comes to using free online video websites to your advantage, you will want to familiarize yourself with the websites that are currently available. You can easily do this by performing a standard internet search.  Your search should produce a fairly large number of results, including Google Video and YouTube.  Before making your video, you will want to examine any of the rules and restrictions that are set in place.  When doing so, you will find that most video websites do not have any rules or restrictions concerning the use of online videos to promote your business; however, you will still want to make sure that your video is tactfully done.

If you are an online business owner, especially one that sells a particular product, you could make a video showcasing your product.  For instance, if your specialty is photo blankets, you may want to show your samples or even go over the process of making them. It may also be a good idea to mention the overall cost of photo blankets and who should own them.  If your product would make a great gift, it is also advised that you mentioned that. When doing your video, you will want to refrain from making your video seem like spam. Although you may want to mention the price, you will want to refrain from promoting your business too much. At the end of your video, you may want to offer directions on how to make a purchase or learn more information.

Although products are the easiest to showcase in an online video, you can also use your video to help promote a particular service that you sell. For instance, if you offer assistance to those that are indebt, you will want to provide an overview of what debt is, who it hurts, and how help can be obtained. Providing general information on debt is a great way to keep your video from appearing too pushy.  As mentioned above, you may also want to include information on your business at the end of your video.  This may help to increase the number of clients you receive, especially if you provide a service that is used and needed by many.

To make you video, whether or not you plan on using that video to promote your business, you will need a few pieces of equipment.  Perhaps, the most important is a recording device.  For the best results, you are urged to use a camcorder, but you can also you a webcam.  Movie making software is important, as well.  Most computers already come equipped with movie making software. After you have made and saved your video, you will have to follow the instructions of the free online video website you wish to use.

to learn how to really create success with your video marketing campaign — join our two part webinar series:  YouTube Success

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After you attend this interactive workshop, you will know how to use YouTube to
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  • Why You Want Your Videos on YouTube
  • Components of an Effective YouTube Video
  • Video Content: Best Practices & Calls
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  • Call to Actions: Subscribers
  • 2 YouTube Mistakes to Avoid
  • Setting Up Your YouTube Account Right the First Time
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After I attend this interactive workshop, I will know how to use YouTube to
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  • Customizing Your Channel
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  • Getting the Word Out About Your Videos

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Why video marketing?

Video marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing traffic to your website, to increase your exposure. Whether you are an online or offline business, traffic to your website increases your business.

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Video Marketing: Are You Usng it in your Small Biz?

Are you using video as part of your marketing strategy? We have been increasing our video marketing and we are starting to see some real results with it! I wanted to share with you some of our strategies for video marketing and teach the basics of getting started and optimizing your video marketing plan.

I am offering a TWO Part series on video marketing and using YouTube in particular.

First we start with how to create video, getting your YouTube Channel set up and how to upload videos etc. All the basics — then we move into how to optimize your videos and get more traffic to your sites. Traffic equals business. When you intentionally drive traffic to your website then IF you have your site set up to capture information from visitors you can then offer your product or services to your new visitors. Visitors can then turn into customers. EVEN, if you are a locally based business video is an essential strategy.

Check out the two part webinar series:
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BizologyBuzz Radio is coming Back!
March 15th — Watch the News! I have a special guest to talk about making LinkedIn Work for You!!

The Power of Video in Your Business

If you’re already using video as part of your online marketing strategies then you no doubt realize the value of this medium. Read on, though, to ensure you are taking full advantage of the power of video. If you haven’t yet included video as part of your overall marketing strategy, why not? If it’s because you don’t own a video camera, do everything in your power to rent or borrow one. You will notice the boost in profits and then you’ll be able to purchase your own in no time at all. Let’s look at some ways that video can enhance your online business.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are hot and will likely remain hot for some time to come. People are always looking for ways to do something, or ways to do something better, faster, or cheaper. If your own product can be demonstrated using the power of video, that’s even better. Not only can you demonstrate how your product works but you can demonstrate why your product is better than the competition’s. If your product requires assembly, you could boost your profits by showing how easy it is to put together. On the other hand, if it is not particularly easy to assemble, your video could provide a valuable resource for your customers. Any way you look at it, showing your product in action can be a valuable asset that will serve to increase your bottom line.

Even if you don’t have your own product, there is still a lot you can do with video tutorials. You can demonstrate how other products work. There is always someone looking for answers regarding popular products. Maybe you’re a whiz at unclogging vacuum cleaners or changing your own oil. Think about what you do well and consider making a video demonstrating your own talents. If you’re a computer geek, make that talent pay off by producing short videos of how to solve common problems or how to do certain tasks in popular computer software programs.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are far more powerful than the written word simply because we’re never sure who really wrote those words. If you have customers who are happy with your goods or services, consider asking them to provide a video testimonial to add to your website. If they have their own website and can include that in their testimonial that will lend even more credibility to the testimonial and give them a free plug as well. That creates a win/win situation for both you and your customers and can serve as a powerful marketing strategy.


Do some brainstorming yourself to see how you can enhance your marketing campaigns and your website with the power of video. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is; the power of video can almost always enhance your promotional efforts. Do this: Start looking at every website you go to with fresh eyes. Does the website include video? What kind? Could you do something similar or better yet, could you produce a video that includes other components? When you start actively studying the video you see on other websites, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to promote yourself and your products. While you don’t want to be a copycat, you can certainly get some basic ideas from these videos. Then produce fresh, exciting videos of your own and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Enjoy the day!

All the best,


Donna Price
Business Success Coach
Compass Rose Consulting, LLC