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Internet Marketing Tuesday: Branding, Social Media Marketing

Slide1Our final for the year!!  Internet Marketing Tuesday!

Join me for a fun hangout….

Lots of great info!

Lots to cover.

Thinking about your brand across social media is important and it all leads to new business leads for you if done correctly!

During this 30 minute hangout we will talk about some of the things that you should consider with your branding and how to accomplish them easily!

Join the hangout here: REGISTER

It’s a hangout so feel free to bring friends, bring your lunch, your ideas and questions.

We will have some fun!

Internet Marketing Tuesdays are held at 12:30 EST.  Just click the link above to reserve your seat!

BizologyBuzz Magazine: The Business Card Challenge!

BizologyBuzz E-Magazine: The Business Card Challenge! The Buzz About Business | A Publication of Compass Rose Consulting In this Issue: Quote of the Day: Expert Article: BizologyBuzz Radio: No Show This Week! From Donna Price Advertising With Us! Quote of the Day: Vacation — provides respite from […]

Executive Coach, Lindell James Talks of Bizology.Biz grows coaching businesses. Learn the strategies of Business Success Coach Donna Price and implement her program as part of your program. Executive Coach, Lindell James speaks about Bizology.Biz.

BizologyBuzz Radio: How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business

BizologyBuzz Radio’s Host Donna Price, Welcomes Special Guest: Caryn Starr-Gates to share strategies for Free Publicity for Business.

December 20th, 2011

12 Noon Est

Newton, New Jersey. December 16, 2011:  Donna Price, Business Success Coach, host of BizologyBuzz Talk Radio is excited to be interviewing Caryn Starr-Gates to discuss How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business. As advertising budgets for many businesses shrink, the lure of getting visibility for a business through free publicity grows more attractive. Many companies are turning to “earned media”—the free press they generate to promote their products or services through various media channels—to give them the visibility they are hesitant to pay for through advertising channels.  Earned media is attained when a company is mentioned in a journalist’s story, a respected blogger’s entry, or virally through social networks. If this is an avenue you are exploring for your company there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Caryn Starr-Gates is a freelance copywriter and owner of StarrGates Business Communications (, which she launched in 2009.

In a career that spans three decades, her experience includes writing retail fashion copy for regional and national department stores; promoting the launch of CNN, the world’s first 24-hour cable news network; ads and TV and radio spots for Anheuser-Busch, Ralston-Purina and ABC Television; ad campaigns and new product concepts for a diverse array of packaged goods products including children’s cereals, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and dog food, as well as banks, schools, airlines, and theme parks. In recent years Caryn has written extensively for lifestyle, education, life safety, food service, financial, retail, and professional services clients. She creates promotional sales copy for marketing materials, newsletter columns, articles, press releases, print and online ads, and website and social media content for her private clients and for those of the advertising, internet marketing, and public relations agencies with whom she works.

Caryn has enjoyed several interim careers between her start in advertising and today, including sous chef and restaurant manager, professional organizer, and gift basket designer and retailer; she has always applied her writing skills to each in unexpected ways. She  is an active member of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners and is currently serving her second round as the Bergen chapter president; she is also an avid volunteer in the community, working with social service agencies and non-profit charitable organizations to help those in need.

Caryn is the author of a chapter on the topic of “Free Publicity for Your Business” the upcoming book “Jersey Women Mean Business! Big, Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners,” to be published by Woodpecker Press, LLC, in 2012. Listeners can go to and for more information.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (718) 664-6194 The live, Internet talk radio show will stream from the host page at:

About BizologyBuzz
BizologyBuzz Radio is the radio resource for Entrepreneurs.  Host, Donna Price, is The Business Success Coach and shares vital business building information through author interviews, expert guests, book club reviews and strategy calls.  BizologyBuzz Radio is all about being an entrepreneur, succeeding and thriving.

About Compass Rose Consulting, LLC
Donna Price, M.S., M.S. President and Founder of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC; is a  business coach working with many small businesses each year to improve the results that they achieve. Compass Rose Consulting, LLC has been in operation for six years. Donna is the author of “Bizology.Biz:  The Science of Building Thriving Businesses” and “Launching Your Dream”.

Contact Info:
Donna Price

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BizologyBuzz Radio: Guerrilla Marketing Girl — Pattie Simone

BizologyBuzz Radio

Inside Tips from a Guerrilla Girl: 

How to Work Thrifty On- and Offline Channels to Market Yourself, Books, Business, Products or Services with Pattie Simone.

Pattie Simone is a Viral Activist, Vlogger and Small Business Expert & Advocate. She started her first company (an upscale mini-department store) in 1988 and is currently founder of – a global online directory & self-promotion source for professional women, including experts, entrepreneurs, authors, activists, artists, academics and speakers. Pattie has appeared on MSNBC, ABC and FOX 5 TV and her practical articles & video interviews have been published in Entrepreneur Media,,, The Hudson Valley Business Journal,, etc. Pattie has also been quoted on The Wall Street Journal Report on WCBS Newsradio, MORE Magazine, The Hudson Valley Business Journal, the Rockland Journal News, The Bergen Record, etc.

Pattie’s frank behavioral insight and dot-connecting capabilities have invigorated new media campaigns and sales for numerous small to mid-sized companies. As a speaker, her keynotes and workshops have informed and inspired diverse audiences in America and abroad. Follow her @PattieSimone; see Pattie’s business event and news videos on FlipReportExpertsnAuthors and WomenCentric. To invigorate your sales channels call 845-362-7880

October 4th, 2011 at: 12 NOON EST

We will delve into the Guerrilla Marketing Techniques that can work both online and offline for your business, your book, yourself.  Join the conversation.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (718) 664-6194 The live, Internet talk radio show will stream from the host page at:

Sara Megletti Testimonial

Sara Megletti of P:B & J Stores tells her story of working with Donna Price, Business Success Coach, through Bizology.BIz. Sara has been a member of Bizology.Biz for several months. http

What are your goals for being online?

As you know, the Internet has become an essential component of just about every business’ business plan and strategic marketing plan.  It just has to be a central key at this point.   People are using the Internet for researching new products, services.  They check references for service providers on the Internet and they have even stopped using the phone book and yellow pages.  All of a sudden you need a strategy, you need to rank high in the search engines and you need to be PRESENT on the web.

But first things first!  What are your goals for being online?  There are several possibilities.

Possible Goals for Business Online:

  • To build contact list:  the Internet can be used very effectively to increase your contact list.  There are some key components to doing just that.  You need to have something that gets people to give you their contact information.  They don’t just hand it out to anyone.  You must have a way to collect that information.  And then you need a way to keep in touch with people once you have received all of this type of info.  There is technology behind the scenes that makes this all work seamlessly.
  • To make sales:  Sales are definitely happening on the Internet.  Even for your retail store, you can choose to sell your products on the Internet.  Services sell on the Internet also.  In order to accomplish a good sales track record you need a website, possibly pictures, and good sales copy.
  • To add new clients:  Clients are typically added through good follow up once you have received their contact info.  This can be accomplished automatically through an auto-responder program, or you may integrate different strategies for follow up.  But no matter where you get new leads from — they rarely become clients without some type of interaction.
  • To build reputation/rapport:  Follow up is one of the ways that you build your reputation and your rapport.  You can also do this through article writing, publishing a book or publishing articles, videos and email.  Each strategy needs to be done with high integrity and professionally.
  • Branding: everything you are doing builds your brand.  Follow up and follow through.  Articles, press releases, websites, email marketing should all build towards your brand.  Define what your brand is more than just your logo and colors.  It is you, your procedures, your operations your treatment of customers, prospects, vendors–they are all part of your brand.

As an entrepreneur, your Internet strategy can be for each of these goals or just for one of them.  But a comprehensive strategy will address them all.  You can start with one and build upon each one, building out your more comprehensive strategy.

Website vs. Blog: There is a Choice.

Having an internet presence is essential in this business environment.  As a business owner, you must have a web presence.  But when you are developing that web presence you have many decisions to make.  Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?
  • How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?
  • What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?
  • What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

When you are putting together your web presence you need to consider all of these things, and probably a few more too.

So, let’s look at each more closely:

What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?

There are several different types of websites that you can use.  The most common is a branding site, like this site.  It has information about the company, the leaders, the team etc.  It also includes info about the products and services and they may be for sale on the site.  There are also store fronts that are online that offer a wide array of products or services and that is the site’s main function.  The two other sites that I use are sales pages and squeeze pages.  To see one of my sales pages you can look at: This page talks solely about my coaching program and the components that are included with it.  It has one purpose — to sell coaching. is one of my squeeze pages.  It has one purpose and that is list building.  If I am working to build my list then I work to drive my web traffic to this site and then once someone has signed up on my list I can send them links to my branding site or my sales page.  But when I pay for traffic, I want information that I can use again and again to build a relationship.

As you build your web presence you might decide to use muliple sites as well.

How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?

As you can see from my site.  I like to have lots of control.  I do work with outside vendors to customize the site, create the look and feel of the site.  I also use Virtual Assistants to add content, articles and set up services or products that are for sale on the site.  But I do maintain quite a bit of control and I know how my site works.  Part of this is largely due to it now be hosted on a WordPress Blog Platform.  Yes, this site is a blog.  And, many of my other sites are moving in that direction as well.  I encourage people to look closely at WordPress because it gives you so much control, AND, you WANT to be able to add content to your site regularly.  Content and information is what makes a site work really well.  Heck, that’s why you are here!  You are reading my “content”, my “information”.  You are deciding if you like me, if you think I know anything.  When a site is built and you don’t add new content to the site, then it becomes stale.  There is little reason for visitors to return to your site. Word Press allows you to control the content, keep it fresh and more (which I will get into in a minute!).

The other aspects of this question are do you have content?  I would challenge that you do.  You have information that you can share with your prospects that will aid in building your business relationship.  Resources, do you have the time and energy to add the content yourself, or do you have the resources to pay someone to add the content?  These are both critical questions.  You need to answer these for yourself.  And, keep in mind that it might change.

What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?

Yes, your site should help to brand your company.  On this site, we are still working on the branding pieces.  But overall, the branding of the site does fit with my company brand — our colors are orange and red/maroon.  I use a compass as my logo.  Do you see those colors here?  The logo here?  When putting your site together you will want to look at those pieces.  I also have my compass logo in the header.  With Word Press you are able to buy themes that are customizable and you are able to find themes in the free theme directory that are customizable.  Many people become concerned with using a template or in the world of blogs a theme, that other people might be using. 

I believe that if you customize the theme to be yours, then using a pre-built theme or template is cost effective and still accomplishes your goals. I use a customizable theme that is available in the word press directory.

What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

This is the biggest reason that I use Word Press for my site.  It is interactive.  I can easily connect my site with Facebook, Twitter and I can set up so that you too can “tweet” my posts or “ping” them or send to an array of social book marking sites.  I receive traffic back to my site from my posts on these other sites.  A blog also allows multiple types of “Plugins” that give it different functionality.  And, allows visitors to subscribe, comment and be part of the site.  For me, these are all advantages that my typcial website did not provide.  Yes, I had a blog on my site, but now my whole site IS a blog.  That means when I update a page, it “tweets”, and when I add a post, it “tweets”.  Each of these strategies add to my exposure on the web, and that is what I want!

Web Presence is essential.  It is the HOW that you must decide on as a business owner.  The blog format offers you some versatility that a typical website doesn’t.  And, it offers you a Web 2.0 platform that is interactive and can be co-creative.  Your priority is to be on top of creating a powerful web presence that actually adds to your business.

Strategic Tools For Web Marketing

There are almost no Internet operations or management activities independent from the use of web marketing tools. We use software tools to track the most relevant keywords, to increase traffic, to monitor web performance, to create statistics, to analyze competition and so on. The marketplace is enormous and without automated devices and technologies to conduct most of the transactions, functionality would be an impossible dream. Not all web marketing tools available are a must, but some of them are an investment any web developer should consider making. When you have the right software to run programs, then these tasks become a lot easier.

Web marketing tools could make the online business experience stress free or nearly stress free. The human factor just supervises management and makes sure to set the right functions of the programs. A major problem is that of choosing the right web marketing tools when the offer is so varied and extensive. Online shopping guides could be a solution, but they are biased too given the fact that they are used as an advertising material most of the time. The best information on web marketing tools can be provided by an expert in the field of web marketing who has tried lots of programs and has seen many applications running.

There are also published materials that have the unique function of narrowing down searches. They represent the best web marketing tools according to several categories and they provide the pros and cons of each. The most common types of web marketing tools are keyword research softwares, SEO programs, optimization softwares, AdSense managers, advertising platforms, statistical tools, email blasters and many others. Before buying any web marketing tools it is important to define your goals and strategies and create the budget. Then, you need to see whether it is worth investing in a software program as compared to the variant of hiring a professional company to run the web marketing part for you.

Unless you are going to manage most of the aspects related to the web presence of a business, there is no point in investing in web marketing tools. Depending on how complex the software is, the prices could climb up to more than $5,000, and who can afford to pay such a small fortune? Corporations will certainly invest into everything that has to do with software for marketing support, but their financial situation is definitely superior to the average Internet marketer who sells products and services. Think twice and choose once! That’s the best shopping advice you can get here!

Evaluating the Web Marketing Company

If Internet marketing was easy to handle and put into practice in the form of different strategies, there wouldn’t be so many web marketing companies selling their services for very good money. A reality of the electronic market, web marketing consultancy is often the element that makes the difference between business success and business failure. The thing is that the world wide web is incredibly complex and all sorts of creative and technical aspects have to be covered, which is not exactly part of the average developer’s skills. Advertising, design, web development and sales, these are distinct fields of activity that require separate knowledge and experience.

How many of the business owners that activate online have marketing or web design studies? Very few. The rest of entrepreneurs either try their luck on their own with rudimentary tools and information they play by the ear, or they rely on the expertise and professionalism of web marketing companies. Experts study the market, the business they have to promote, the eventual competitors and come up with the strategies made to increase the return on investment rate (ROI) and enhance the number of relevant visitors. Such progress would inevitably translate into more money for the business in question.

Web marketing companies work will all sorts of experts, from marketing specialists to web designers and IT software programmers. The complexity of professional teams is understandable given the multitude of tasks required to make an online business profitable. When people choose the services of web marketing companies to build the web site from scratch, everything will be covered from the web design part to the search engine optimization and the permanent monitoring of the business performance. What would be the role of the business manager in this context? Although it is simple to leave all the work to experts, a good manager will always want to be in control.

Web marketing companies provide services patterned according to one’s business needs. The business manager is the authority that receives updates and is constantly informed on the evolution of the company. Moreover, no agency or service provider can take decisions for you unless you give them this right by contract. It seems that the highest rate of success comes with people who although uninitiated in the secrets of web marketing, still make efforts to learn about the basic mechanisms and are able to understand strategies and methods when they are exposed to them.